Free SnagIt 7.2.5!

2009-11-01_225717SnagIt is a popular name when it comes to screenshot software; it is well known for its great amount of features and user friendliness. Although I prefer FastStone Capture over SnagIt (as a matter of habit), what makes SnagIt so appealing to users is the fact that not only can it capture screenshots (free hand, region, windows, scrolling windows, etc.) but it can capture videos, edit images (add arrows, text, watermarks, annotate, etc.), batch convert images, and still has more features not yet mentioned.

Currently the latest version of SnagIt is v9.1. However, for those that can’t afford or don’t want to purchase v9.1, today I am going to tell you about a way to get SnagIt 7.2.5 for free!

Admittedly, this promotion has been running for a while and I have known about it for a while. Why I have not posted about it until now, I am not particularly sure (there has been a previous post on a SnagIt v7.2.5 freebie though).

Before I tell you how to get SnagIt v7.2.5 for free, watch these series of videos which will give you an idea of what SnagIt can and cannot do:


To view the video click above. If you have JavaScript disabled you will not be able to view the video by clicking above so instead click here.

To get SnagIt v7.2.5 for free, follow these simple directions:

Version of this freebie: v7.2.5

Supported OS

Officially: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0 with IE 4.0 or higher, Windows 2000, or Windows XP

Unofficially: Works fine for me on Windows 7


  • Click on “Telecharger gratiutemente” and fill out the form that pops up:



  • After you fill out the form, you will be given your registration key:


Copy the registration key and keep it safe.

  • Download SnagIt v7.2.5 from the developer’s website (click here). This SnagIt is in English.
  • Install SnagIt.
  • Run SnagIt.
  • You should be prompted with a Window telling you to either use the trial version, purchase it, or unlock it. Click “Unlock” and fill in your registration information:




The registration name can be anything; the key is the registration key you got from Avanquest’s website. Take note you don’t have to register the product online; you can just hit close.

  • Enjoy!

If you have any problems getting this freebie, let me know – I will try to help.

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  • Dan

    Won’t install English version provided above, says “Corrupt installation detected, check source media or re-download”. I tried re-downloading with same results.

  • gmon

    awesome, thanks

  • essexlad

    Thanking you and will give it a try

  • jelson

    Big thanks!! Very nice find.

  • Joe

    Worked like a charm, Ashraf! Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been looking to get a copy of SnagIt 7.2.5 for my new netbook. PicPick is good, but SnagIt is the best!

  • mario

    it hangs Vista 32!

  • Caz

    @ Grant M.

    On windows 7 64, the installer hangs on installing the printer driver for me. I guess the printer driver isn’t 64bit compatible.

    Good offer though, will install on my laptop later on :)

  • Grant M

    Has anyone tried this version of SnagIt in Vista 64 yet? Just curious if it’s worth giving it a try :)

    Thank you for the offer here Ashraf :)

  • Jeanjean

    @ Samer and others

    Are free of charge :
    #1 = Website X5
    #3 = Smart PC 4 (Optimizer)
    #5 = soft for family trees
    #9 = Power Desk Standard 7 (file Manager)
    #13 = SnagIt…
    #14 = Sudoku (1000 grids)
    #16 = Radio Tracker (records on the net)
    #18 = Photo and Video Extractor (300 downloads free)
    #20 = Driver Genius Backup Express
    #21 = Smart Image Recovery
    #24 = Screensaver Night City 3D

    Are trials
    #7 = Auto Save Essentials (15 days)
    #11 = Media Monkey (30 days)

  • awisdom01

    Not only is SnagIt impressive, the entire Avanquest Calendar itself is AWESOME! I just downloaded and installed Website X5 (Which, if I remember correctly was once a GOTD item, but I had since lost when upgrading to Win7, months ago). I am now attempting to struggle through with my limited French to see what other wonders are to come!

  • Hi all Dottechies,
    I always use ‘Solid Capture’ to capture something on my screen. But as Ashraf’s suggestion above, I think I am gonna give a try for this SnagIt.
    Btw, the link is come from Avanquest Calendar in french section (Last time when I visit their website, I got English version. Now I can’t understand their phrases, not even a single word)

  • XPS Printer

    @MR. LEE
    You can always choose an easy option to print to an xps document, a Microsoft Office Document printer, or a free pdf printer.

  • rk

    Help, I seem to have a problem getting the code key in the English ver.Am i missing something here!

  • Samer

    Ashraf what happens when u click on the other stars it seems that there are a bunch of free programs on that site … my french sucks so I’m not entirely sure … am I right ? I saw a program called autosave essentials – media-monkey …

  • Jeanjean

    Download in french here :
    (Take the first exe-file)
    Thank you !

  • Mr. Lee

    Hello Fellow Dottechies:

    Do yourself a very big favor and take advantage of this offer. I have been using this version of Snagit for a couple of years and it is my second most used application (second only to TexNotes). I use it numerous times a day. Every bank transaction is recorded via SnagIt. Whenever I need to print a map with directions from Google maps I take a screen shot, rather than print directly from Google. Why? The helpful blue line that shows the driving path to your destination disappears when you print from their site. I hate that! Plus you can just print the section of the map that is necessary for your need. Tip: when printing these screen shots, print at the best setting for your printer (you will get a much better result, that is easy to read). TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN WHAT THIS PROGRAM IS CAPABLE OF! It is an amazing, powerful program.

  • AOA
    As far I remember, this was posted before and I downloaded same version?

  • thanks ashraf. snagit’s my favorite screen capture software. :)

  • Ozzie

    Greetings all! Thanks for the heads-up on this, Ashraf. This is a great program, folks. I used to use PickPic but swapped to SnagIt after I tried it. I liked it so much and found it so useful that I shelled out for the paid version. I highly recommend it (for what that’s worth). Grab it while you can!