9/11 mastermind designed vacuum cleaners to keep sane in prison


Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, was actually doing well for himself locked up in a Romanian prison. Mohammed was so well taken care of (relatively speaking), that he asked to be given the chance to design a vacuum cleaner, to which the CIA responded with an enthusiastic yes.

Why would the CIA grant a man who has allegedly done so many evil deeds the right to design a vacuum cleaner you ask? For starters, the CIA isn’t done with him yet; they need Mohammed to be a sane person if and when the time comes when they might need to extract information from him or put him on trial.

On top of the vacuum cleaner thing, Mohammed had regular office hours where he would address intelligence officers on all manner of subjects. In addition, he’s a writer, though that didn’t go very well due to Mohammed sending secret messages through his books to other inmates about not sharing information regards to Osama bin Laden’s courier. Furthermore, Mohammed turned into a massive Harry Potter fan, but we wonder if he will still be able to keep his sanity now that both the movies and books are completed.

With all that said, we have to wonder though — what did the man plan on doing with a vacuum cleaner? It is likely he just wants to pass the time by doing something constructive rather than sitting around doing nothing. But you never know.

At the moment, Khalid Sheik Mohammed is no longer locked up in that Romanian prison, as the prison is currently closed. He’s currently spending the rest of his days at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, though it is not certain if he got the chance to bring his vacuum toy with him.

[via Miami Herald, image via Wikipedia]

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  1. Louis

    [@Mike] That’s a good point you’re making. And I do feel quite strongly about what you suggest regarding non-violent and non-sex offender / non child molester etc crime prisoners — there really is no purpose turning them into shark food for the predators.

    Yes, indeed ankle bracelet them, halfway house them for a time until they’ve found, and proven to hold, a steady job, then release them to their family’s custody with strict curfew rules etc.

    If some non-violent criminals do exhibit repeat offence tendencies, do lock them up again — but even there, I also strongly believe it’s ludicrous to keep a white collar criminal, or a petty thief, in the same prison building, let alone cell block, as murderers and rapists.

    Countries like South Africa (I won’t even mention South America) has prisons overflowing — more than reform is needed — a drastic rethink about priorities is more applicable, and with world population growing at an exponential rate, it’s only going to get worse.

    I would like some technology , as an idea e.g. similar to a stun gun, be built in those ankle bracelets, perhaps linked to gps, as well as curfew times, in combination, dealing the offender a good dose of low resistance but painful voltage— that will also significantly reduce the number of personnel which need to enforce the house arrest rules.

  2. Mike

    [@Louis] I would agree, but: people soften with time and age. My guess is, he will continue to dribble out info. that the gov’t feels is valuable, as time goes on. Personally, I’m fine with paying for his life in prison (significant punishment itself), if the gov’t feels it could be helpful–and let out some classes of non-violent criminals (sad drug users?), putting them in ankle bracelets and dusk-to-dawn/non-work house arrest . . . .

  3. Louis

    [@Mike] You may be right, who knows, but if you are, he knows it, and his never going to tell them is he, for then they have no more reason to keep him around.

    If, after all this time, and after all the Gitmo methods that have or have not been tried on this guy, they still thinking he’s voluntarily going to decide to open his flytrap, they are even bigger idiots that I’ve recently came to think of them (in the past I had respect for them, but currently — none).

    I daresay keeping him around is a lost cause, which is merely costing the US taxpayer a hell of a lot of money.

    He’s playing the (we all now by now pretty incompetent) Intelligence people like a fiddle.

    Get rid of him, one way or the other, he’s forever more an empty vessel and a useless sack of …. he has no info, and if he has, he’s not going to tell, now that waterboarding is no longer practised (I think).

    Or get more creative.

    But indulging this a$$h0l3 in his hobbies, is just about the most pathetic Intelligence move I’ve ever heard of.

    I’ll be lmfao if his vacuum cleaner blows up the whole of Gitmo Bay.

  4. Louis

    Why is this SOB still breathing ?

    By this time, you’re not going to get more info out of the sorry excuse of an oxygen thief, no matter how much more water you use.

    A plane crashed into the Pentagon. This would make it a State level crime.

    The Pentagon is in your State of Virginia, right ?

    Your state of Virginia has the death penalty , right ?

    So give him a fair State trial. If he’s innocent, drop his fat carcass at 10 000 feet over Alaska, he loves to invent, let him invent a parachute on his way down.

    If his found guilty, well then, fry his a$$.

    Or just turn him loose in NY City at 20h00 on Halloween.

  5. Seamus McSeamus

    I would guess the tortured for fun part. When that gets old, they can send him out to the prison yard and buzz him with drones.

    As to the keeping his sanity issue, if he is such a Harry Potter fan maybe he should turn that enthusiasm to writing fanfic.