Video shows the microphone for Moto X is always on, always listening

Google Moto X

The upcoming Android Moto X smartphone will come packed with a feature similar to Microsoft’s Kinect where the mic is constantly listening for any form of voice requests, according to a leaked video.

Like the Kinect camera that comes bundled with the Xbox One, the Motorola X listens for hot keywords to activate the mic, which means users are required to say “OK Google” before issuing a command. This is also comparable to how Google Glass operates, so users of Glass should feel right at home with the Motorola’s new toy.

The interesting thing about this feature is it is always listening as mentioned above. And it isn’t clear if there is an option to disable Moto X’s mic or not. However, it is not yet certain how interested parties would react to such a feature as Microsoft came under a lot of fire for doing a similar thing with Kinect. We believe potential users of the Motorola X would likely accept this feature more than they would with Kinect, which is mainly due to Google’s superior PR compared to Microsoft’s madness.

Furthermore, the leaked video highlighted a new feature that allows users to start the camera app by shaking the phone. It would have been better off if Motorola added a dedicated camera button to give users a more practical and easier option to get the camera up and running.

The video is below in its entirety, and it appears Rogers in Canada will have exclusive hold on the Motorola X for a short while.

[via AusDroid]

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