Scientists are working on using blood vessels in faces to identify people

face-blood vessels

Scientists at Jadavpur University in India have formulated a method of identifying a person based on scanning the blood vessels in their face. Many of us are familiar with existing facial recognition technology but this method is quite different.

The Jadavpur scientists utilize a thermal imaging camera in order to carry out an infrared scan of a person’s face and the resulting image is processed on a computer using a special custom algorithm. The algorithm produces an image which displays even the thinnest capillaries beneath the skin.

Reports indicate that this method is 97% accurate and as you could imagine, would be quite difficult to replicate as copying a persons blood vessel structure using a mask or something of the sort seems incredibly complex.

The scientists involved with the project have also indicated that rather than solely using this technology it could be utilized alongside other forms of identification such as plain old photo ID.

97% accuracy along with other forms of ID sounds hard to beat, especially considering that the supplementary forms of ID do not have to be as simple as photo ID and could very well also be biometric in nature. What do you guys think?

[via Gizmag]

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