‘Angry Birds Star Wars’ is coming to every video game console this October, including Xbox and PS3

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Not content with announcing a new sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio is also bringing over the first game to consoles. Every. Single. Console.

When Angry Birds Star Wars makes its console debut this October, it’ll be available on every major current platform in video games. Both Nintendo’s Wii U and surprisingly, the older Wii are getting the game. The PS Vita, which even Sony admits isn’t selling as much as they had hoped, will be getting in on the bird-slinging action.

But before you think Rovio is making a cheap cash-in in time for the holidays, the console version of Angry Birds Star Wars is also packing some new content. 20 exclusive levels that can’t be found anywhere else will be playable, as well as new multiplayer cooperative and competitive modes. The competitive mode is most likely going to be some sort of scoring contest, but it remains to be seen what Rovio has planned for players that want to play the game cooperatively.

Either way, the game is coming, and if you have any of these consoles, there will be no escape come October 29th. Unless, of course, you don’t buy it.

[via Rovio]

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