Can’t wait to see your baby? Japanese company will give you a 3D print of your unborn child

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Tokyo-based company Fasotec has partnered with Japanese clinics to give parents the chance to touch their baby’s face — before they’re born.

The company is using a technology called BioTexture,  which generates 3D print-outs of the child’s face using ultrasound. This means that parents that just can’t wait can literally get their hands on their baby (or what he/she is supposed to look like at least) before the mother is due to give birth. The 3D model should also give them a better look of the baby’s face. Print outs of the entire fetus were also considered, but ultimately scrapped due to possible risks the MRI scans could cause to pregnant mothers.

The entire scanning and printing procedure will cost you around $500. But if you have to wait 8 months to until a more distinguishable features are visible on your baby’s face, what’s another month? As shown in the video below, it could also be a nice item for remembrance, and possibly a neat little thing you can show your kid when they grow a little older:

[via VentureBeat] 

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