Secret court decision allows NSA to continue spying on everyone


Despite the amount of leaked information regarding the NSA spying on American (and foreign) citizens that was recently released, one would think the agency would take steps to cut down on its actions. But that is not the case. Apparently, the secret court that supervises the NSA’s spying behavior has given permission to proceed to continue on its mission.

What does this mean for Americans? Well, the NSA will continue having the right to request data from telecom companies. Previously, action like these would have never been publicized; however, the government chose to make public this information due to increased scrutiny over the Snowden leaks.

As it stands, it seems like the American government has no interest at this time to cease and desist from collecting telephone and web data of its citizens. Furthermore, there is no way to challenge this violation to Americans constitutional rights in court, so at the moment the NSA and the government have American citizens right where they want them. And the question about NSA spying on foreigners is not even being asked — all is acceptable in the name of national security.

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[via Wired, image via Ink Block]

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