Batman Beyond live action film is being considered by Warner Bros. [Rumor]


Rumors have it that Warner Bros. is playing with the idea of creating a Batman film based on the Batman Beyond cartoon. The idea was pitched to the company a few years ago; however, Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman took center stage instead. From the numbers, Warner Bros. made a good decision, but how willing is Warner Bros. to make the project a reality now that Nolan’s trilogy is complete.

If the movie gets a green light, it could play a role as part of a larger DC universe that contains the Justice League. For example, Bruce Wayne in the Batman Beyond live action movie would definitely be an old man, but in the Justice League movie, fans would see a younger Bruce Wayne as masked crusader.

The Batman Beyond cartoon series centered on an old Bruce Wayne who no longer had the strength to continue playing the role of Batman. After coming across young Terry McGinnis one night after a group of robbers attempted to attack him, Mr. Wayne took it upon himself to train the 17-year-old to become the next Batman.

It later turns out that Terry McGinnis has Bruce Wayne’s DNA, which makes him the perfect candidate to take over from Wayne. Furthermore, while McGinnis proved himself a good fighter, he didn’t possess the intelligence of Bruce Wayne, which sometimes puts him at a disadvantage when tackling complex criminals.

If Warner Bros. put faith in this idea, it could pay off. It is time for the Batman movies to take a drastic change; it is time for Terry McGinnis to put on the mask.

[via Batman On Film, image via Wikipedia]

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