How to turn 300KB of Excel files into a 40MB ZIP file [Humor]


I wonder how they managed to do that.

[via Reddit]

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  • Coyote

    Yes, they had a very nice versioning tree there, what happens now if they want to see what changes were made to the excel files 30 versions back? :P

  • AT

    Now let’s not be too harsh. They did make true backups.

  • Grantwhy

    or they set up something like a batch file to ZIP the contents of a folder (the 4 excel files) and the new ZIP file ( was placed in the same folder at the excel files.

    run the batch file again and it makes a *new* that includes the 4 excel files *and* the old

    run again and again and again etc etc etc and you will end up with a ZIP file *much* larger than the original.

    Grantwhy >> who is *NOT* at all speaking from personal experience of backing up files and wondering why each time the backup is run the back file significantly increasing in size when no any new files were being added/created :-p

  • jayesstee

    I guess somebody clicked the button three (or more) times.