Meet RHex, a robot that can do double jumps, flips, pullups, and more


RHex (pronounced “Rex”) stands for robot hexapod. RHex is a six-legged robot which is capable of negotiating all types of terrain and the researchers working on this project at the University of Pennsylvania hope one day that it will be utilized in rescue missions or in desert expeditions with environmental sensors attached to it.

RHex’s amazing range of motion draws inspiration from human free-runners, and their art of Parkour, in order to squeeze the most functionality out of its simple one-jointed legs. RHex is capable of carrying out double jumps, flips and even pullups through a combination of movements. This is achieved by simply altering the way in which leg movements are activated. It is even capable of operating from a vertical position in order to pull itself up over taller objects.

Check out the video of RHex in action below.

[via Gizmodo, University of Pennsylvania]

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