Forget open source software, this is an open source airplane and it costs just $15,000 to build


An open source airplane is being developed in Canada and it could possibly cost as little as $15,000.

The Maker Plane team plans to develop an airplane classified as a light sport aircraft which, in addition to being affordable, will be safe and easy to fly. The group also intends to give away its design for free (hence the open source part). The group is turning to crowdsourced funding in order to fund this ambitious, but seemingly plausible, project as well as to help with the building of the first prototype of the vehicle.

The plane is expected to weigh in at a maximum of 1,320 pounds and be able to achieve a top speed of 120 knots (138mph). It is intended that the structural components of the airplane will be built with composites while smaller parts will be 3D printed.

If you’re worried about the idea of a homemade aircraft, it seems you shouldn’t be because this type of aircraft has already been built with the techniques proposed for this project, and is verified to fly safely — this particular plane just differs in it being open source with it design and blueprint.

The group of pilots and engineers responsible for the design are going about this process in such a way as to make this aircraft able to be built by persons who can either easily obtain the necessary equipment or who already own it. They are even taking it upon themselves to ensure that you can obtain any other components you would need such as air data computers and radios with as little hassle as possible, although we aren’t sure exactly how they will go about achieving this particular goal.

Personally speaking, I feel this is quite the unique approach to aircraft making and. if executed well, could shake up the world of personal aircraft. I actually have my fingers crossed that this one will take off — pun intended.

[via What’s Next]

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