Missed out on the 1 year free a-squared Anti-Malware Pro license? I have 355 1 year licenses to giveaway for free.

Yesterday, Emisoft ran a 24-hour promotion giving away free 1 year licenses for a-squared Anti-Malware Pro. The promotion was open to the whole public so anyone had the opportunity to get it. However some people may have not been able to take advantage of the offer (for whatever reason). For those people that missed out, I generated a few extra 1 year licenses – 355 to be exact. So like I gave away 30 free 1 year Panda Internet Security 2010 licenses, I am giving away 355 1 year a-squared Anti-Malware Pro licenses for free. Here is how this giveaway will work:

  • If you want a license, post below. This is not a first come, first serve basis. When the number of comments below (asking for keys) hits 500, or this drawing has been going on for 48 hours, I will use a random selection system to determine who gets the keys. 55 of these keys are reserved for people who have donated to dotTech or wrote for dotTech in the past (if you have donated and want a key, please clarify this point in your comment and post with the e-mail address you donated with so I can confirm). The other 300 are for anyone that asks.
  • When posting a comment, please be sure to use the e-mail you want me to send the license to in case you win. However, please don’t post your e-mail in your comment! You should never post your e-mail on a public form. Just enter the e-mail you want me to send the key to in the “E-mail” field when writing your comment – I will be able to get your e-mail from there. Or if you are a registered dotTechie, just post a comment normally and I will be able to find your e-mail.
  • Any active dotTechie (i.e. posts comments, helps people out, etc.), anyone that has donated to dotTech, or anyone that has written for dotTech may request 2 licenses (one license will only work on one computer); everyone else may only request 1. Note that if you want 2 licenses, say so in your post. You will receive 2 licenses if you win.
  • After 48 hours have passed, if all 355 licenses have not been given away, the remainder of the licenses will be given out on a first come, first serve basis. At this point if you need more than 1 (or 2 if you are eligible to request 2) license, you may request 1 additional license.

Good luck to everyone!

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