Galaxy S4 exploded and burnt down house, says Hong Kong man


A Honk Kong man by the name of Mr. Du will be counting his losses but at the same time thankful to be alive after his Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire and burned down his apartment… or so he says, anyway.

According to Mr. Du, he was playing a game on his cell phone when the incident happened. While playing the game, he plugged the phone into the charger as the battery level was becoming quite low but after continuing to play the game, the phone became extremely hot. This caused Mr. Du to throw the phone under the sofa which may not have been the best idea but then again who really expects their phone to spontaneously combust?

After being thrown under the sofa, the phone caught on fire. The fire spread rapidly and ended up scorching the entire apartment but luckily, Mr. Du and his wife were able to escape unhurt.

Mr. Du is claiming that Samsung is responsible for the incident since he says that he did not tamper with the device in any way. Investigations are underway to determine the truth and, if this is indeed true, Samsung will have some answering up to do.

This incident is quite worrying as one does not expect a device such as their cellphone to malfunction to this extent. Only investigations will be able to tell if this incident was a freak accident and if other S4 users have anything to worry about. One thing for sure though, is that I’m glad Mr. Du is safe and I hope he finds a place to say until he can get back on his feet after this bizarre incident.

[via Redmondpie]

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