New “sky pod” system is a futuristic mass transit system which will be installed in Israel


Developed with the aid of NASA and private company SkyTran, a new “sky pod” transit system — suitably known as skyTran — is set to be constructed in Tel Aviv, Israel. It will be the first magnetically levitating mass transit system.

The system is designed to ease the ever so often encountered traffic congestion in an urban setting. It will also offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to cars. The pods will be crafted from composite materials making it lightweight and easily supported by infrastructure. It’s modular design of the system will allow for construction with minimal hassle. In terms of pricing, a trip using the system is set to be slightly less than what one would usually pay for taxi fare. Pods are expected to arrive almost instantly after being summoned and will provide a point to point service. Each boarding platform will be in close proximity to the next — within a quarter of a mile.

The system will consist of guide rails located 20 feet above the ground and will offer persons who wish to ride it the facility to call for one of the personal two-seater pods via a website or through mobile apps.  Electricity will be provide power to each pod from above with magnetic levitation — made possible by magnets in each pod and within the “skyway” — ensuring for a smooth ride.

Malaysia, India and Indonesia are among some of the other countries who have shown interest in the skyTran system and are considering installing their own. This seems like an awesome concept and I would love to take a ride on one. Take a look at the video below to see how it is envisioned that the system will run.

[via io9]

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