Bear steals whole trash dumpster from restaurant… twice [Video]

First dancing bears and now this? Forget Planet of the Apes, try Rise of the Bears.

This took place at the Edelweiss German restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, for those that are interested.

[via Geekologie]

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  • RogueBase

    At least the bear had good taste when he chose his place to dine. Edelweiss has great food.

  • etim

    “Hello, Edelweiss? Yeah, I ordered over an hour ago and it’s still not here. Yeah. Name’s Yogi. Watta you mean you don’t deliver to Jellystone?! Christ! I’ll just pick it up then. What?! You close in ten minutes!? Rrrrrrrrr…and then you wonder why we’re such lousy tippers…”

  • Unreal

    Reminds me of an old Sci-Fi short story about bears learning to use fire.