Holy crap, these guys made a functional life-sized Wall-E! [Video]


The celebration of Geek Week on YouTube continues! Last time, Google showed off what a Unix version of YouTube would look like, but this one’s even better. Jamie and Adam of Tested visited Michael McMaster’s workshop to take a look at what he and a group of friends had built: a fully functional, remote-controllable, life-sized version of Pixar’s Wall-E. Yup.

McMaster and his friends apparently had to use objects seen in the movie like VCR tapes to really nail Wall-E’s size. According to him, the Blu-ray was especially helpful since they were able to use high-definition screenshots of the movie to see every detail of the little robot.

The result is amazing. Wall-E looks and even sounds just like the robot we all adored in what I would say is one of Pixar’s best films. But despite how close their Wall-E resembles his big screen counterpart, McMaster and his group will continue to work on and improve the robot.

I’d say they should start working on Eve. Or they could convince the world’s governments to fund them and just build Gipsy Danger.

[via The Verge]

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