Google Glass app OpenGlass helps blind people “see”

Google is yet to release Google Glass  to the publicand many of us don’t exactly know how useful it is ,but developers are already developing apps for it. One of the interesting apps available to Google Glass is called OpenGlass which offers a number of tool and services that could be used to assist those that are visually impaired — aka partially or fully blind.

One of the services it offers is called Question-Answer where you “take a picture of an object” and then “use voice commands” to ask Mechanical Turk and Twitter to identify the object. The other one is called Momento which is like real-time Question-Answer. The difference is that Momento doesn’t have to rely on the internet connection but instead it requires you to “build a database of images and annotations” to draw its data form.

The video below shows the potential of this app:

Although OpenGlass has two amazing functions, it does not give visually impaired their sights back but regardless, it helps them navigate the world in a new way. OpenGlass is still in development and the above video doesn’t do the application justice. For more information, please visit the official website from the via link below.

[via OpenGlass. Technabob, Engadget]

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