Google Street View now lets you explore the inside of the huge Airbus A380


I’m not too surprised the latest location Google Street View lets you explore isn’t even a street. After all, prior to this we got the Eiffel Tower and even a location from Harry Potter. This time we’ve got an airplane. An Emirates Airbus A380 to be exact.

If Google was gonna have an airplane on Google Street View, they couldn’t have picked a better choice. The A380 has a wingspan of 79.8 meters and length of 72 meters, making it the largest passenger jet in the sky.

It has two decks — economy seats at the lower deck and business class and first class in the upper deck. Business class has their own bar which you can see above, while first class has showers. You can also go all the way to the cockpit and see what the pilots see:


Explore the whole plane at the link below. Just click on the button on the lower left to “see inside.”

Emirates Airbus 380-800 on Google Street View

[via CNN]

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