Hey, the Internet was once called Catenet


Before the Internet became a public event, before it even had a name, the people behind it wanted call it the Catenet, yes, they wanted us to say we’re going to log on to the Catenet. The name Catenet is strange, however, if we were calling it that today, it is likely we would have no love for the name Internet.

We understand the term Catenent comes from the word catenated, which means to link things together in a connected sequence. With that in mind, it is likely Catenet was popular among those who were close to the project. We wouldn’t be too surprised if some people from the old days still use Catenet instead of the widely used Internet.

Louis Pouzin was the man behind the name; he used it to describe the Internet in its earlier years as a network he expected the world to adopt. Pouzin was right on the money, almost the whole world is currently connected one way or the other. Unfortunately, Catenet is no longer used as a tool to educate one’s self, but instead used to watch porn and cat videos. The latter is more disturbing than the former, agreed?

Knowing the Internet could have been called Catenet, which name do you prefer? In addition, what are the things you do online on a regular basis apart from reading all the crazy stuff on dotTech? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Paleofuture]

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