.COM was almost named .COR in the early days of the Internet


If certain events had taken place, Dot-cor (.COR) would have been the most used domain suffix in place of Dot-com (.COM). Just imagine visiting your favorite website with the dot-cor suffix? That would be a bit weird, but not as bad as saying Catenet instead of Internet.

According to Craig Partridge, a man who was a part of the discussions regarding what names should be used for top level domains, Dot-cor was the leading choice for businesses or anyone who wanted to sell items on the Internet. However, Partridge, who is now a chief scientist at Raytheon, claims he is unable to remember why the name was scrapped in favor of Dot-com.

Partridge went on to state how only a few dozen members changed the world by coming up with a list of domain name suffixes. The list includes dot-edu, dot-net, dot-org, dot-arpa and the most widely used dot-com. Not a single person had the slightest idea how their choices will shape the lives of millions today. We feel they all deserve a lifetime Internet award of memes named after them.

Furthermore, did you know the first ever registered website is called Symbolics.com? The company that registered it is no longer around, but the domain is now owned by Aron Meystedt. That’s a piece of history for you right there, can’t say we never taught you anything substantial.

[via Washington Post, image via Wizmarketing]

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