Windows 8.1 will have Skype as default messaging app, according to report


Microsoft is hard at work finalizing all the cool stuff we’ll see in the public version of Windows 8.1, and when that day comes, some things users enjoy now won’t make it back, while some will come pre-installed.

According to a report from The Verge, Windows 8.1 Build 9471 will see Skype as the default messaging service, a move intended to replace the existing Messaging app. It makes sense Microsoft would want to focus on Skype as the default app for messaging since it wouldn’t make much sense to have two apps that do similar operations — especially since Microsoft spent over $8 billion acquiring Skype. In addition, Skype is a far more powerful when compared to the Messaging app available right now.

Furthermore, we understand Build 9471 brings forth the row of three dots, something first showcased in the Windows Phone platform. Additionally, there’s also a tutorial video included for Windows 8, and you have to wonder why it took Microsoft so long to implement this video since Windows 8 is arguably a new experience for many PC users. Having the tutorial video onboard could have helped with some of the problems many had with the earlier version of the operating system.

It should be noted this will likely have mixed response from critics. Some people, who use Skype regularly, will probably like it. Others, well, let’s just say people will always complain, justified or otherwise. But at least Microsoft is trying, right?

[via The Verge]

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  1. Vamien McKalin

    [@Dale Dixon] Say what? Do you not consider WhatsApp as an Instant Messenger service? And for your information, both Gmail and has over 400 million users. You may need to do some research before making wild comments again.

    Prove me wrong or retract your comment.

  2. Dale Dixon

    [@DoktorThomas™] I can only assume that this was an off the cuff late night rant.
    Nobody in the real world uses IM anymore.
    If you’re talking about using Hotmail or, most people in the real world don’t because they’re not very good and they use gmail because everyone else does.
    Everybody in the real world expects the US and China to spy on them so they don’t worry about it and get on with things.

  3. Vamien McKalin

    [@DoktorThomas™] Only the Windows 8 version of Skype has significantly less personalization options, the desktop version hasn’t changed much where that is concerned.

    Another thing, Hotmail was garbage and cluttered as hell compared to Please elaborate on why is less user friendly! (I’m calling you out on this big time.) Furthermore, while I do agree with Microsoft’s cooperation with the NSA, do you think other American based email provider is not guilty of similar things?

  4. DoktorThomas™

    Simply put, as an IM service, Skype™ sucks. Every “improvement” MSFT has released for their IM service has lowered usability, lessened user personalization and curtailed enjoyment and ease of use. This a vivid example of the blind giant stumbling down the wrong rocky road. It is so off base, I am putting together my own sites to IM with others. There is now an unserved world market here … There are far better options for low cost calling and live video interaction.

    As an aside, is a forgettable email service; significantly less user friendly than previous versions of and pretty much not needed by anyone for any purpose, particularly since MSFT actively facilitates illegal spying of your personal data. (You and they can dispute “illegal”, but bad and illegal laws are both.) Repackaging old script in new interfaces is not innovation; yet, MSFT tries this Edsel® tactic all of the time. Apparently creative thinking has been banned corporate wide at the Sillycon [sic] Valley facility. Implosion imminent! ©2013