Florida deploy drones to fight against mosquitoes

florida mosquito

Fictional stories of vampires have been around for decades, but if these blood sucking menace truly exist, they would definitely be mosquitoes. Nothing on this planet is more dangerous than mosquitoes; these little insects mock us by flying by our ears and sucking on or blood during the nighttime. However, Florida will no longer stand for these mockeries, and so the state plans to send drones into the sky to locate mosquito breeding grounds for total annihilation.

Each drone launched will have infrared cameras to spot standing water, the perfect breeding ground for these blood sucking monsters. Furthermore, the drones are capable of staying airborne for up to 90 minutes, so during that time, hotspots will be geotagged for later inspection where the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District will introduce larvicide to the area, killing mosquitoes before they take flight form.

Right here we have a good idea to keep the mosquito population controlled in Florida. If the drones weren’t expensive, maybe other less fortunate countries where Malaria is riding high could attempt a similar tactic.

Now, with all the NSA spying going on, we can’t help but wonder if these drones would be used as a tool for more than just mosquito inspection, food for thought there buddy.

[via KeysNet, image via flickr]

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  • I always heard that mosquitoes are the Alaska state bird, wonder how they will settle that argument. =)

    Many argue that mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on Earth, simply because they spread so many diseases to so many different animals. Curiously enough, only the female mosquito drinks blood. For some reason they need it to produce fertile eggs. I’ve heard they need the salt in our blood, but don’t have any evidence of that. Males drink sweet liquids only.

    If you want to remain mosquito free, add a lot of fresh garlic to your diet. The smell garlic produces in your system drives them away. That’s probably because the smell is on your breath, since they are attracted to carbon dioxide. I’ve heard you can put a piece of dry ice in a far corner of your lawn and the mosquitoes will congregate there instead of around you. Never tried it but it makes sense.