NSA installs secret update to Windows 8 [Image]


Either that is the handy work of the NSA — who doesn’t know how to invisibly install a secret update that allows them to remotely access your private porn collection — or another fail by Windows 8. Because at this point, both are possible.

[via Reddit]

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  • Ashraf

    [@James] You recognize it as a joke then complain about the joke? Come on, I know I should keep my day job but at least give me some cred!

  • Ashraf

    [@Ed] The NSA part is a joke. At least I think it is a joke.

  • James

    I would, however, like to complain about the reference to them looking at your porn collections. I get that that is being facetious as well, but it does by adding unnecessarily to the WAY OFF BASE idea that the NSA is doing any sort of methodical review of what is on your system, other than doing a computerized search for things related to terrorism. Think about it — not only do they not have time to look at everyone’s porn collection, but … they have open access to the internet to pull up all the free porn they could ever need on their own free time without touching YOUR pitiful stash and low-quality home movies. Do they really want to have put this much effort into spying and still have another 9/11 happen? To the contrary, I bet they are going overboard focusing very narrowly. The only innocents who will have actual data reviewed by a real person will be those of Middle Eastern heritage or business connections there–which is not good, but the vast majority of libertarians are Caucasians.

  • James

    @Ed – I love Windows and hate the Apple empire cult (partly, ironically, thanks to Ashraf and others like him showing me how to tweak over the last decade or two). I also, just yesterday, chided this site for going overboard in its critique of what the NSA has been doing . In fact, I pointed out that, with all three branches of government involved and in support, not only is it not unconstitutional, its AS CONSTITUTIONAL AS YOU CAN GET.

    However, this is clearly a JOKE. I laughed. He’s playing on Microsoft people failing to note that this message reads “installing 3 of 2,” suggesting that the Microsoft update originally only had TWO components, and the THIRD component is a mystery one: who else would add a mystery component to a Windows update, but someone who wants to monitor your system secretly?

  • oldtimer56

    As the saying goes, “If you ain’t on some watchlist by now, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  • Ed

    [@Darcy] I agree, Windows 8 is just a heap of garbage that was just “thrown” together, Windows 8.1 is Microsoft’s answer to it’s previous shortcomings. Whether Windows 8 actually becomes usable remains to be seen, and judging by the screenshot above the answer would be no.
    But to use the above Microsoft fubar as an excuse to give false information about the NSA which BTW has it’s own TRUE accusations to deal with is uncalled for.
    Whether this was a joke or not, not every computer or internet glitch, update or mystery involves the NSA.
    If you don’t want to be on the NSA’s radar, don’t be doing crap that you shouldn’t be doing and you’ll have nothing to worry about. If there is something you don’t want them to see, encrypt it with a long assed encryption code or store it on an external drive that does not stay plugged into your computer.
    The NSA is smart, one just needs to be smarter than them.

  • I think the point of this is another “Windows 8 Failure” as mentioned in the paragraph below the image. Installing 3 of 2 updates is about on a par with the others we’ve seen recently.

  • Ed

    [@Ed] Besides, even if it WERE true, it would come as a Windows update and if you had Windows update set to NOT automatically install and just notify you of updates, you could opt out of that certain update and just not be a fool and install it.

  • Ed

    uhhh ……

    More DETAILS please, the image you show does not show any CONCRETE evidence that the NSA is SECRETLY installing updates on Windows 8.

    So unless you have concrete evidence I would retract the comment and go sit in the corner with all the other conspiracy theorists.

    Don’t get me wrong, the NSA does not have a good track record so far and I do believe they are infringing on basic Constitutional and Human rights but to post shit like this without any proof whatsoever ? now your just making shit up just to piss people off.