• Ashraf

    My wife was fooled by this, as was I. Too bad I have to sleep in the bathroom tonight.

  • JMJ

    I think they played a good tricked on you all ! Left/right brain has nothing to do with it. Other than saying the words spelled by the letters, “t-h-e c-o-l-o-r” , you are not “obeying” the rule. There is no way to say any of the colors without saying the word spelled by the letters that describe each color; i.e., y-e-l-l-o-w, b-l-u-e, etc.

    This is a classic case of The Emperor’s New Clothes: The jokester got you thinking about what s/he wanted to make you think about. So, you have forgotten that you cannot say a color (or a smell or a taste) without using the letters–> words that we AGREE (differing for each specific language) describe that frequency of electro-magnetic radiation.

    In other words, you are thinking too deeply.

  • James

    MAGS has it correct; the poster describes what is happening incorrectly. Whoever created this meme is simply thinking that “creative” = art = color, and that “logic” = following the rules; but what is really going on with the right-brain v left-brain dicthotomy is that the right brain THINKS more creatively; can do more creative tasks, as opposed to logical, linear tasks. So it is a strong right-brain, a more creative one, that can easily follow the rule ans say the color even though what you are reading is a different word.

  • Mags

    This is more of a left vs right brain. The right side is more creative, whereas the left is the more logical it sees things as black and white, i.e. therefore 1+1=2 it can not see anything else because it is not logical. Yellow must be yellow, even though the word yellow is green or blue etc. Yellow must be yellow.

  • Mikerman

    No issue at all–maybe I just got up and my brain isn’t awake enough yet to get confused . . . .

  • Jeff S

    If you can chew gum and walk at the same time this is easy.

  • This is a left/right brain thing, as mentioned above, but it’s also a prioritization thing. In a way, our education system has taught us to place emphasis on content, not a bad thing really but it makes this more difficult.

  • n.n

    The problem arises due to the way we prioritize information. You can filter information by adjusting your focus. Try limiting your view to the corner of each word image. The challenge is to shift your perspective with each succeeding word while simultaneously constraining it.

  • Mags

    [@Eric989] LOL

    I tried with my glasses on. It isn’t easy to try to turn off your left brain. At first it was slow saying the colour rather than the word. Second time through was easier and third try was even faster.

  • Eric989

    If you are as blind as I am, you can just take off your glasses and breeze right through them.