[Review] Site Content Analyzer 3

Hey all,

I just wanted to let everyone know Site Content Analyzer 3 is a software aimed at a very small niche of web developers, webmasters, and/or web marketers. Even among that group, Site Content Analyzer 3 is only good for those that know and understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

At a glace, Site Content Analyzer looks to be very handy for those who can make good use of it. However, unfortunately, I am not one of those who is a SEO guru so I can’t rightfully review a software I don’t understand – that wouldn’t be fair to dotTechies or the developer. Therefore I just thought I should give everyone a heads up on I won’t be posting a full review on Site Content Analyzer 3: I don’t know what to say about it! Yes, yes you must be thinking “Ashraf is speechless? Wow, that is a first.” Ya, well don’t get used to it =P.

To be honest I am still playing around with this software and seeing if there is anything I can learn from it. I must say, though, the tips in the software are not too trustworthy. In one of the screenshots it says a good keyword density is between 3% to 12%. 3% is not bad, but I believe 12% is way too high – keyword stuffing filters will own you if you do that (see I am already learning – I didn’t know that an hour ago =D).

Anyway, I’m off to play with this program a little bit more and expand my knowledge on SEO. Any SEO experts that know and understand this software, please feel free to give it a review and post it below for everyone to read. I may even paste it up here =D.


Update: Please see Giovanni’s comment below (#7) to get very handy feedback on Site Content Analyzer and SEO tips.

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  • Dear Ashraf,

    There’s another segment of the market that has a great use for this (and similar) tool. That is the people who write articles online for money. Usually we share adsense or other advertising revenue with the site that hosts the articles, and having good keyword density is a big part of our earnings. Fortunately, with today’s giveaway I can analyze each of my articles and figure out whether I need to drop one or two more keywords in an article of 800-1000 words, and experiment with how that affects earnings.

    Although today’s giveaway is gone, the tools mentioned above also seem useful, and if you’re someone who is making several hundred dollars a month from online writing, it’s quite probable that today’s software is worth the price tag if it will bump up those earnings.

  • Dean

    Excellent review Giovanni, I found the free report that you recommend, The Keyword Minute here http://www.keywordelite.com.

    I will not only be checking out today’s offering but when you get your website up I would very much like to see what you have to offer as my partners and I are very interested in legal SEO and web design. Still waiting for you to jump back into the game Ashraf. (Regarding web dev) I am very curious about the tools that you use to design websites. Thanks again Giovanni.

  • Austinkir

    @Giovanni: I would love it if you could upload the pdf file… If you want to send it to me I have some web space I can put it up at. I’ll check my non-used email for a day of two: arkster1 at gmail dot com.

    Thanks Giovanni, I’m always keen to learn even if it is a little over-hyped.

  • a simple happy man

    Everything in moderation: including moderation, and especially Search Engine Optimisation of Keywords.

    Not much point in having more than about 10% of words being keywords because the grammatical construction of comprehensible language begins to fall apart and stops making easily discernible sense, ending up with many sentences being unintelligible (Plain Garbage) or being so ambiguous that they quite “LITERALLY” end up with two, three or more meanings and differing ways in which to perceive the same linked sets of words in similar yet different sentences and paragraphs.

    But You’ve still got to put in the padding of all the “its” and “ands”, “buts” and “becauses”, “thee-s and thou-s” etc and according to something I remember in English Language lessons (way back in the last century) about 90% of words in an average sentence are just that, padding, linking the main “keywords” together!.

    So Ye Olde Aengelishe Language teacher at my grammar/high school says “Ashraf is right!(again!)” about the 3% – 12% thingy anyway

  • Ashraf

    @Locutus: As far as I know, they still “use keywords” but to a very minimal extent as compared to, say, AOL was in the 90s.

    @Samuel: I do agree SEO is overrated.

  • @Ashraf: Google doesn’t even use Keywords to place sites in the searches.

  • @Ashraf: Thanks! More likly you remembered it on the spot but I still works :D

    @Giovanni: I must say that comment was long! Good and well writen but still long. I agree with most of your points, but I think you put too much weight on keywords. Most search engines use them, but not as a main source of sorting. The mostly use there own keyword gerneration based on the bots crawling as well as how popular a page is linkage wise. Thats why I think that SEO is over blown. Can it help? I think i can but not as much as having a good site.

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: Moderate modesty is always a sign of great character.

    That may sound like a proverb but I swear I just thought of it on the spot =P.

    @Refpeuk: Good point. For the most part, as far as I can tell the software itself does not give much suggestions on what “tactics” to use except in the tips it gives (which you can turn off) and some basic meta keywords to put (which I found to be useless anyway). For the most part it just analyzes your website and gives you data; you decide what to do with the data.

    However as I stated above, I was looking at some screenshots and in one of the screenshots it mentioned keyword density to be best between 3% – 12%. 12% keyword density is way too high; Google, and other search engine, will definitely penalize a website that has 12% keyword density because then it is most like keyword fluffing.

  • Refpeuk

    I won’t be using this until there is a review, but for a different reason. Some SEO tactics can get your site banned from Google and other engines, so I want to be sure it doesn’t use any of these tactics.

    I am a total beginner at SEO, however, so let me know if you are sure this software does not work with any of these tabooed tactics.

  • Giovanni

    Hi Ashraf!!

    This software is EXCELLENT for what it has been designed to do, even though I personally know other professional applications much more powerful (but also more expensive) than this GAOTD as far as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is concerned.

    I’ve been studying this matter for a while because I’m planning to start an online business soon (Infropreneurship, web marketing adviser for little and medium companies etc…), so I’m neither an expert or GURU nor a newbie like you but, since I find this field very interesting indeed, I have no hesitation to download and install today’s giveaway although it’s aimed at a very small niche of professional people (but who cares?? LOL!).

    Actually, it’s not a mistery that nowadays, with millions of people crowding the web, competition for generating effective KEYWORDS and PHRASES to get qualified traffic in the SEARCH ENGINE ARENA is FIERCE, especially if you consider that, according to recent surveys, about 80% of web searchers don’t even go beyond the first page that lists the results of their search (so falling behind competition on the second, third or forth page can put you offline and out of business forever…LOL!).

    The software offered today for FREE by GAOTD helps any website owner like you get GOOGLE (or whatever else search engine) top rankings, without having to put in weeks or even months of endless work and study.

    Now what actually does SITE CONTENT ANALYZER 3 do to help you reach such a result??

    Well in short it examines your HTML online and offline webpages giving you a detailed report about the KEYWORDS DENSITY you are using on your website as well as their weight and relevance.

    But the best part of this tool is that it can even suggest you KEYWORDS or PHRASES, you can use to drive more visitors to your website, providing you a REAL TIME REPORT not only about your current standings but also of those concerning your potential competitors for any keyword or search phrase they have used on their website, meaning that, thanks to this tool, you can even alter content (or wording) of your website to improve your ranking almost in real time before your competitors make their move!

    How cool is that??

    This is good if you have an online business or if you are eager to earn some extra bucks with your website, because with the right KEYWORDS you can more easily reach the top of any search engine ranking and then get more traffic and money as a result of it, because of course the more traffic you get the more money you can make with ADS campaign (for instance with Google Adsense, Google Adwords, PPC and so on).

    But to do that you have to choose the RIGHTS KEYWORDS and PHRASES, for instance by learning or legally “stealing” them from your competitors’ websites through professional tools such as this one, and then export them to use them in PPC advertising.

    Of course, there are many FACTORS that distinguish a good keyword from an average one, but, if you spend some time in finding the right keywords, for sure you will have right away an edge on your competitors from the start of your ad campaign.

    REMEMBER: if your main aim is to reach the GOOGLE top rankings in order to get more traffic you have to choose the right keywords, otherwise will be doomed to do much more work to get that number one position and, as a result of this, you won’t get anything in return (ROI = 0).

    That’s why it is crucial choosing the right keywords wisely before starting any search engine optimization (SEO) work.

    SITE CONTENT ANALYZER 3 is the right tool to do so, not to mention that it can also be used to work on several search engine optimization (SEO) projects simultaneously, which is crucial if you run several websites and/or multiple pay-per-click campaigns in one go.

    So if you have an online business linked with search engines optimization or just want to reach GOOGLE TOP RANKINGS so as to increase your website traffic dramatically, you will find SITE CONTENT ANALYZER 3 an useful and time-saving tool, especially when doing KEYWORDS RESEARCHES for yourself or why not for your possible future clients.

    And, in my humble view, it’s not necessary to be a professional webmaster, a SEO expert or even an IM GURU to use this tool properly and get benefits from it, simply because it seems to me very handy and easy to understand.

    So my suggestion is to grab this GAOTD (after all you save 80 bucks, don’t you??) and then start studying this matter seriously because in my opinion it’s definitely worth it especially for geeks like you that spend most of their time working on the web!

    Anyway, if you are really interested in deepining this subject further, I can provide both you and your readers (upon request request of course!!) some useful resources (PDF EBOOKS, REPORTS and several TOOLS) packed with solid information about it.

    For instance a great (free) SEO and keywords research PDF report for dummies like you, I came across recently as part of a limited pre-launch offer, is that called “The Keyword Minute” written by Brad Callen, probably the best webmarketeer SEO expert worldwide at present.

    His 36 pages work (amazing for a free report) is an excellent free report made up of solid webmarketing information, in which the author describes in depth THREE powerful strategies to grab a profitable niche keyword through special keywords research techniques that SITE CONTENT ANALYZER 3 is partially able to do (at least I think so).

    Unfortunately it looks like this free report is no longer online (there are some nice YOUTUBE videos talking about it though) but if you (Ashraf) are really keen on this subject I could send you his PDF REPORT via email upon request.

    As for FREEWARE ALTERNATIVES on today’s giveaway, well it’s extremely difficult to find a better free or even cheaper tool than SITE CONTENT ANALYZER 3, simply because these kind of tools are designed both for professional webmasters and web marketers with the clear intent to make buckets of money online.

    However I’m delighted to inform you and your readers that there are a couple of great exceptions to this rule…LOL!


    Web CEO offers more with its Free Edition than any other SEO software on the planet. In fact, you can use all tools of our software package completely free and without time limitations, with only some functional restrictions. It’s more than enough to evaluate our SEO software, and completely enough for non-critical SEO missions targeting averagely competitive keywords.


    * Increase traffic from search engines
    * Understand visitors’ behavior, get complete analysis of revenues and sales conversions, plus measure efficiency of ad campaigns
    * Ensure your Web site is ultra-reliable
    * No time limits. Not a “trial” or “evaluation”—just the free software as it should be.
    * Unlimited websites. Promote as many websites as you need with our software.
    * Free training with every copy. Your login details to the online self-study environment are sent to you as soon as you register.
    * Tech support. We provide free and fast technical support even with the Free Edition of our SEO Software.
    * Get the CIM (Competent Internet Marketer) training and certification as a thank-you (Time-limited so better hurry).


    – PPC WEB SPY SOFTWARE (limited time offer for serious webmarketeer and online business owners only)

    What does actually this great software do for you??

    With this tool you will be able to:

    * quickly and easily uncover any Google Adwords advertiser’s keywords in only a few seconds! Then, simply take those keywords and advertise your own product or service and get ready for the money to come rolling in!

    * see critical Adwords data related to each keyword, such as:

    – the actual Adwords ads your competitors have written for each keyword

    – the Cost Per Click or amount your competitors are paying for each keywords they’re bidding on

    – your competitor’s Adwords rank, so you’ll be able to determine how much money you should be spending to get your site to a similar rank or at least to expect similar results.

    – the total daily amount your competition is spending via Google Adwords.

    * generate your own giant list of keywords based upon any of the individual keywords your competitors are using!

    * generate a giant, targeted keyword list by inputting your competitor’s domain name, allowing you to build an even larger, more targeted keyword list!

    * immediately see which Adwords advertisers are people promoting Clickbank.com, Paydotcom.com, or Amazon.com products so as to find potential super affiliates and then bank the money yourself by legally “stealing” their keywords or advertise the same product of them…LOL!

    * see the exact landing page (i.e. destination URL) that each Adwords advertiser is sending visitors to, WITHOUT actually clicking on their Adwords advert and charging them money (but hey…don’t tell this to GOOGLE…LOL!).

    And much more!!!



    KeywordIndex offers a unique KEYWORD DATABASE that shows the number of monthly searches for millions of keywords in order to get more targeted visitors on your websites from search engines as well as improve your AdWords results.

    What you have to do is just to enter a keyword or try one of the following popular searches: chat, free, games, jobs, lyrics, movies, music, seo, search engine optimization, internet marketing, website promotion.

    In fact it’s well known that if you want to succeed on the Internet, it is extremely important that you choose the right KEYWORDS for both search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click marketing. If you choose the wrong keywords, you’ll waste a lot of time and money.

    KeywordIndex is a free online tool designed to help you find KEYWORDS that will bring targeted visitors to your website since you get only relevant keywords that people really use.

    Please note that KeywordIndex uses a unique KEYWORD DATABASE that, as far as I know, is not used by any other keyword suggestion tool on the market.

    In addition to it, KeywordIndex offers many other great FREE RESOURCES (tutorial, white papers and so on) that will help you find the perfect keywords for your website.

    For instance, on the official KeywordIndex website (see below), you can download a FREE WHITE PAPER that deals with the following topics:

    * How to avoid common mistakes on keywords research.
    * How to judge the financial value of keywords.
    * Which keywords will cost you money with absolutely no return on investment (ROI).
    * How to increase your sales with less traffic.
    * How to get more targeted traffic on your website without working more.

    And much more!!



    Hope that this short “review” of mine has helped both you and your readers expand the knowledge on this compelling, challenging and still pretty unknown field related to the webmarketing.

  • @Ashraf: LOL. Thanks, I wouldn’t say I know SEO well though.

  • Ashraf

    @Quro@75: I appreciate the loyalty; thanks.

    @njwood60: That is a good point. I didn’t even think of the fact that the program would be better if it worked without having to download websites because, frankly, it can take a really long time to download whole websites depending on how in depth you go.

    Also, I ditched Google Analytics because, technically, Google owns the data and I am not fond of that. I run Piwik now.

    @Samuel: You know, as I was going to sleep I thought “I should have asked Samuel if he wants to review Site Content Analyzer because he probably knows SEO well” =D.

  • I happen to think that most SEO advice is either basic knowledge said in convoluted way or ideas that have slim chance of making a difference. Now making websites easier to crawl is another story. One reason I don’t like using flash unless I have to is that bots cannot read it, so you have to provide a non-flash version to be crawled.

  • @njwood60
    Now I can see it, thanks.
    So, this giveaway definitely not for me. I have a website which share acknowledge for a good and free software. I never saw other website which have same purpose as a competitor, but always be best friends and sources.

  • Hi

    I’ve downloaded and had a quick look. I am a website developer, although I don’t usually use a keyword tool.
    The first issue I have with it, is that to analyse an online site, it requires that the site is downloaded locally first. It will do this for you (but warns it may be slow), but as far as I’m concerned it’s a showstopper for me. If I want to analyse a competitor site, then I certainly don’t want to be downloading the whole thing locally first.

    If you own the site then google webmaster tools and google analytics provide excellent data which is 100% relevant as it’s what google sees. Obviously you can’t analyse a competitor site with google, so there could be some use for a site content analyzer

  • Ashraf, no wonder I couldn’t fund your review on GAOTD website today. But, hey… I really appreciate your honesty. Let’s somebody else (who think they know it better) review it and give their best shoot. For me, no review.. no download. I’ll pass today giveaway cause it will be useless to download something that I don’t know how to use it either.