If you asked, you got: a-squared Anti-Malware Pro 1 year licenses have been sent out

I have just now finished e-mail the a-squared Anti-Malware Pro 1 year licenses (it took me a really, really, really long time to send out all the email =X). Since I had so many licenses, everyone that asked in the comments of the “Missed out on the 1 year free a-squared Anti-Malware Pro license? I have 355 1 year licenses to giveaway for free” article got one. Please check your e-mails! All necessary information is in the e-mail I sent. I noticed many people used “spam” e-mails. That is fine with me – I don’t care which e-mail you told me to use. Just be sure to not forget to check that “spam” e-mail.

Also, some people asked for multiple licenses. Since I had so many e-mails to send out, I did not fully read the comments, otherwise it would have taken me longer than it has already, so I only sent out single licenses (unless you are a monetary supporter or a guest author) even if I was asked for two. At this point, because I have extra licenses left over, everyone can ask for additional licenses if you need them. To ensure everyone has a fair chance at multiple licenses, or even their first license, everyone, bar monetary supporters and guest authors, is limited to 1 extra license; monetary supporters and guest authors can ask for as many extra licenses as they want (within reason). If I still have left over licenses after 48 hours, I will again allow people to ask for additional licenses even if you have received 2 already.

Post below if you want an extra license.

Update: Remember this is now a first come, first serve basis!

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