Two teenage sisters recreate Mars rover


Everyone wants to build a robot; however, when two sisters manage to pull it off who have yet to pass the age of 14, you know this is something special. Camille and Genevieve Beatty are both 13 and 11 years old respectively, and they have managed to build a replica of the Mars rover with the help of their father, Robert Beatty.

The inspiration of recreating the Mars rover came about after both sisters watched a documentary related to Mars and the rover, so they set out to replicate this robot, which is now part of the New York Hall of Science exhibit. The interesting thing about these little engineers is that they have both created 15 robots thus far, so they know exactly what should be done when a grand task like this presents itself.

To navigate, the robot relies on an infrared camera, thermal array sensor, sonar sensors along with other great things. Furthermore, visitors of the exhibit have the chance to control the robot via remote control on a makeshift Mars landscape, which really gets children excited.

It’s looks great what these two little girls have accomplished, we see a bright future ahead for them both in robotics if they keep themselves interested in this field.

[via Beatty Robotics]

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