Reinventing the wheel, literally: new type of wheel is cube-like instead of a circle


Since the invention of the wheel, the design has always been circular, and no one ever really attempted to reinvent the wheel because it was perfect. But that has all changed, as skateboarder David Patrick has done the impossible by completely redesigning the wheel. He calls it Shark Wheel, a wheel with a cube-like design that actually seems to work quite well in practice.

According to Patrick, Shark Wheel is faster than traditional wheels and is able to roll smoothly on almost any terrain it comes across. Furthermore, the design patterns on the wheel decreases the surface area, which allows it to move faster. It’s pretty impressive, however, if you were expecting to see Shark Wheels on a car, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

For now, Patrick is testing his new wheels on skateboards, which makes perfect sense since he’s an avid skateboarder. So far, things seem to work well in both private and public testing, which means we could see a whole new line of skateboards in the coming months since Patrick’s Kickstarter campaign has since surpassed the targeted goal.

In the years to come, we would love to see how this design transfers to car wheels. If it works, it is possible it would find its home first with racecars before making its way to consumer vehicles.

[via Kickstarter]

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