Watch this snake bite itself after being decapitated [Video]

Sam Billiter of Huntsville, Alabama wandered across a poisonous copperhead snake. So he did what all normal people would do: he decapitated the snake then video taped the aftermath. The best part? Billiter caught the snake biting itself after he decapitated the beast, as you can see in the video above.

[via ObviousWinner, Facebook]

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  • Jim Huffman

    That’s disgusting. What does it have to do with Tech?

  • JMJ

    This is so cool! The body’s continued movement… okay. I get that but never thought a snake bit reflexively, by auto-pilot, so to speak. Awesome how Nature has perfected Herself.

    I agree with you guys: If it was off the beaten path, live and let live.

    @Seamus – You’ve got me by half an inch and, therefore, must go first in snake territory.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Unless you step on or very near a snake, the liklihood of being bitten is almost nil. Saying that, I still sound a retreat when I encounter one in the wild. I don’t bother checking to see what kind it is, poisonous or not, I just immediately become a 6’5″ girly man, squeal, and run.

  • RealBull

    I agree. They should have gave the chance for the snake to get away instead of killing it. If it looks like it wants to attack you then by all means defend yourself and chop it up.

  • sgrams

    Not that I’m a fan of snakes but if its out in the wilderness minding its own business it should be left alone, all snakes I’ve run across on trails or paths have tried to get away, if its out on the lawn where the kids are playing different story.