Introducing SharewareOnSale, dotTech’s new website that brings you free and cheap shareware software every day

2013-08-12_015001dotTech — known as PMnet in its early days — was started in October 2008. Since that day, I’ve been blogging for five years and I’ve learned quite a bit about not only software but also the people that use said software; what attracts users, what makes people purchase something, etc. I’ve now decided to try and put that knowledge to good use by launching a new website,

SharewareOnSale is a new website that sells shareware software. However, it isn’t just any website that sells software. The idea behind SharewareOnSale is simple: it combines freebies with heavily discounted shareware to attract customers.

On SharewareOnSale we bring you daily 24-hour sales of Windows shareware programs. A daily sale consists of a heavily discounted shareware program that is sold for anywhere from $0 to $4.99 (price varies per each sale). Every day we will feature either a freebie (i.e. a shareware program for $0) or a heavily discounted shareware for $4.99 or less. Some days we may even have both. Each sale will last 24-hours, and every day will bring you a new sale.

UPDATE: We have now launched! Check out to take part in daily deals!

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  • Ashraf

    [@Mo] [@kevbo] [@David Roper] None of the software from SoS have a toolbar. I believe Mo is referring to the Foobar we are showing on dotTech. That is unrelated to any software you installed, and you can X out of the bar.

  • David Roper

    [@Mo] Do we have another CL?

  • David Roper

    [@kevbo] I miss editing as well.

  • kevbo

    [@kevbo] I miss the edit function.

  • kevbo

    [@kevbo] Yes, you are right. I realize now the ‘x’ will minimize it to a small, unobtrusive red box with a lovely shadow border, and it will stay minimized on subsequently opened pages. I thought it automatically reverted to its maximized state (because I had so many dotTech pages opened) on new pages. I should have known better than to question Ashraf. Sorry, Boss-Man.

  • kevbo

    [@Mo] I have installed the software also, but have not had a chance to use it yet. I see no such tool-bar on any of my browsers.

  • Suze

    [@kevbo] Gotcha, kevbo! I saw it yesterday for the first time, and was “seeing red” as I continued reading down the page! Today I noticed the ‘x’ and possibly a toning down of the color. It’s all good.

  • Mo

    HELP!! Be warned. I have recently downloaded the Fileminimizer programme from this website. I now have a terrible “SOS” toolbar on my browser which is NOT even visible in “installed programmes” neither in “Manage add-on/toolbars & extensions”.Please advise how I can remove this-please!

  • kevbo

    [@Suze] [@Suze] Understood. My comment was not to complain about its presence, only to comment on it’s aesthetics.

  • Suze

    [@kevbo] That “Foobar” plug-in is a great idea to link dotTech to SharewareOnSale (thanks, Ashraf!), and I just noticed that one can now ‘x’ out of it if you don’t want it to show. So we get the best of both!

  • kevbo

    Boss-Man, great idea for the new sight. As mentioned in another post, it would be great to have your, or anyone at dotTech’s, opinion of the featured software, but I fully agree with your reasoning for not doing so.
    I hope SoS is successful, and I realize that for that to happen you need to take every opportunity to get the word out about it. But Boss-Man, with all due respect: please tone down that Foobar plug-in at the top of this page. It’s like an ugly scar on your beautiful sight.

  • Suze

    Congratulations, Ashraf!! You might want to create a link to SoS from dotTech, so that others who aren’t aware of it may easily access it.

  • Ashraf

    [@davidroper] David you need to create a new acct on SharewareOnSale. You will be allowed to create a new account during checkout — it is very easy. Go ahead and buy something!

  • davidroper

    [@davidroper] Looks like my math is bad. Only 4 hours, not 8 ;-)

  • davidroper

    I am sorry to bother you again but it’s been 8 hours and no response from you.

    I want to order something and I need my password to log in. The Send Password is not working for some reason.

    Looks like I will miss out on the free stuff and cheap stuff until I get a passwprd.

    It’s 10pm here in SC.

  • davidroper

    Okay I have had you log me in so many times that I forgot my PW. SOS screen says enter email and have it sent to me. Doesn’t work.

    Ashraf can you send me the/my PW so I can order sumptin’ ?

  • Ashraf

    [@Eric989] Glad to hear it.

  • Eric989

    [@Ashraf] It’s not unusual for everything to not run perfectly on your first day with the new site. The new download link seems to be working and I think I got the correct refund, I was just rounding the numbers in my previous post because I didn’t want to look up the exact numbers again. Thanks.

  • Ashraf

    [@Eric989] In most situations, downloading from the developer’s website works just fine. Yesterday was just a bit weird in the sense that the download of DVD Video Converter from the developer’s website didn’t work.

    My apologies.

  • Ashraf

    [@Eric989] I apologize for that billing error. What happened is I had pulled the sale (due to downloading issues) EXACTLY as you made the purchase, and pulling the sale increased the price to regular $19.99. That is why you paid full price, but I was sure to refund you the excess. I’ll refund you that extra cent, too.

  • Eric989

    I like the idea of the site and made a purchase but I do have a few concerns. First of all, the site does not support download managers of any kind, not even the Firefox extension DownThemAll. On my slow dialup connection this means I can’t download from your site at all. I made 3 or 4 tries but never even got to 2MB. I also thought that since we were buying the full version of the program with lifetime updates that the download from the developer’s own site would work but it rejects the license code I got.
    The download problem isn’t a total deal breaker as I can download it eventually with my laptop and some free wifi at town but still this is quite annoying and would prevent me from getting most of the “you have to install today” programs if you ever offer those.
    This was probably a glitch, but your billing of my Paypal was quite bizarre. I was billed for $20 and then immediately refunded $18 to bring it to the $2 purchase price (I rounded all the numbers).

  • jipy

    I think too, it’s a good and easy name and furthermore international, like Mr Boss is!

  • jayesstee

    [@Ashraf] Doooh!  Sorry I’ve just found the review facility. I must engage my “look before I leap/post” facility.

  • Sheldon Cooper


    If you can get Martau and High Criteria to at least offer a previous version of Total Uninstall and Total Recorder, respectively, for a big discount, you deserve to be nominated for a Web Award in the latest editions of Freeware Illustrated the “Gals Who Dig Men Who Enjoy Testing Software” Top 100 list!

  • jayesstee

    Congrats. Ashraf, a good start to the new site.
    You’ve been a real busy bee . . .  Now we know why you haven’t time to fix the “Edit” facility on dotTech – only joking, as I was with my “SOS comment”, above.
    Keep up the good work.

    PS  Are you going to add a comment facility on SOS so a budding Ashraf can hone his skills like someone once did on GOTD?

  • Druid

    [@Ashraf] Looking forward to seeing goring
    Wishing you all the best with the new site

  • RealBull

    [@David Roper]
    Do you mean “sniping” program? Yeah, I remember that.
    Also I think SOS is a fine acronym for the site. It’s easy for people to remember.

  • JT

    ahhh that makes a big difference. lol :)

  • Ashraf

    [@David Roper] o_O

    [@JT] To be fair, it wasn’t there until you reminded me to add it LOL!

  • JT

    Thanks. I was looking for the routine contact us, instead of the obvious need help. lol

  • David Roper

    [@Ashraf] I remember someone changing the name of his website years ago. He can change it again because he remembers Ralph Waldo Emerson’s (1803-1882) “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

    It’s the Same Old S**tware, reborn. Software, what did you think it was?

  • Ashraf

    [@JT] I’ll take a look at what is up, but meanwhile please submit at form at

    [@RealBull] No, I should apologize. I shouldn’t have snapped at you.

    I agree with you. Sometimes the same types of programs over and over can be annoying, but you also must understand — we can only bring you the software of developers that are willing to work with us. I’m constantly contacting new developers and my goal is to bring unique software, but you’ll have to be patient with me :-)


    [@David Roper] Too late. Plus the idea was something along the lines that “we answer the SOS of users under distress of expensive shareware software”. Guess I could have thought that better.

  • David Roper

    [@jayesstee] I beg Ashraf now (reading this) to use another name than SOS. Why not “DotTech Corner” ? or “The DotTech Ashcan” ? or “DotTech Cutting Room” ?

    Just not SOS ;-( You have been warned.

  • David Roper

    [@RealBull] I miss Dan and his eBay snipping program.

  • RealBull

    [@Ashraf] [@Ashraf]
    Sorry Mr. Boss, please don’t take my comments literally. I was being sarcastic of course and used WonderFox as a scapegoat.
    But being serious, everyone has to admit that there IS some type of software that has something to do with a DVD ripper/converter/maker etc. every month. And the same developer may not be up on GOTD each month, but I frequently see Leow, Aiseesoft and sometimes often WinX and uRex. I think more of a variety of freebies or shareware would be good for everyone. But what I think may not matter at all. Whatever the majority of people want will probably get.
    Also comparing GOTD with BitsDuJour and ShareOnSale is like comparing apples and oranges.
    “…lifetime free updates, tech support, and can be installed whenever you want.” — Mr. Boss

    I think GOTD can’t beat that.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing what will be offered on As a DotTech reader, I wish you success.

  • JT

    @ASHRAF, I don’t see a way to contact via the new site, but I just purchased the dvd converter, received a download link, and license code immediately, only problem is the program says the license code is invalid. I’ve copied and pasted from the e-mail I received, and also from the SOS site from my purchases page. Any help, or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and love the site!

  • D-baby

    Bring on those cheapies and freebies!!!!

  • Chuck

    It’s Monday morning,the site is up and running.Bookmarked in my toolbar,and ready to go.THANK YOU!!!!

  • James Woodfield

    Congratulations on your new site, Ashraf!
    It’s a great idea, and I hope it’ll be a big success for you. (It looks cool, too, and I like the little ‘dip’ animation on the logo!)

  • Ashraf

    [@RealBull] Please show me when and where GOTD gave away WonderFox DVD Video Converter “every month”. The last giveaway of Wonderfox DVD Video Converter I see is on Glarysoft’s giveaway, and that includes no free updates and can’t be installed after 24-hours. Today’s offer on SharewareOnSale includes lifetime free updates, tech support, and can be installed whenever you want.

  • RealBull

    Come on! I hope this site puts up some more original software. I already see WonderFox’s DVD software which is up on GOTD almost every month. Why even bother paying for it?
    I think BitsDuJour has the most variety of software for free or sale these days.

  • David Roper

    [@Seamus McSeamus] You just cost me $5. Loved BINS.

  • Mike

    [@Ashraf] Congratulations on this latest venture! :)

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I await with bated breath.

    If you want suggestions for possible software partners, you might consider contacting the makers of a little gem called Bins ( I was a beta tester, and it has been a very useful program for me.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    [@David Roper]

    There’s another cool piece of freeware with a similar name called Xmediarecode. This is both an audio and video converter. Try the portable version:

    The Wiki is here:

    Softpedia gives it 5 stars:

    I’m not saying it’s the best but it never hurts to try various clean programs, have them as portables on a thumb drive, and update accordingly.

    Other nice free little video converters are:


  • David Roper

    [@Dr. Cooper, Phd] I went there and got a copy. Thanks. If it does everything it says it will then this may be the Holy Grail that we all have been looking for. Maybe we can entice Ashraf to test it for Dottech.

    We all know that $15 for something wonderful is a bargain, too.

    It’s on a clean and easy to navigate website.

  • northsea

    [@Enrique Manalang] yeah cool, if you bring whiskey i bring marihuana and spacecake! :D

  • northsea

    Interesting, regarding the free stuff hopefully not the failed bottom of the trashbin rubbish as but serious software. Success!

  • brenoreo

    Will each day’s offering come to us on Feedly?

  • Dr. Cooper, Phd


    About a decade or so ago, shareware was thought of as software that anyone could use, but a small fee or donation was requested and in some cases it would unlock additional features. Payware on the other hand, is software that either must be purchased or had a trial period after which the software would cease to open.

    A great example of shareware is Xrecode II:

    Xrecode II is a great audio converter that has a very slight dialogue screen that has a several second countdown before you can use the program. For $15 you can avoid it, but it’s really not a nuisance at all.

  • Capex99

    You will definitely get a
    Or of my business if……I can pay, and get the app ONLY without a lot of clicks to download clean versions and without having to get a lot of crapware toolbars, utility trials, virus checkers and other in the process.
    Good luck with this much needed service.

  • MerryMarjie

    I’ll be a regular visitor! I find that sometimes cheap software is even better than the paid versions, and I’m happy to donate for really good free programs.

  • jayesstee

    [@Ashraf] Great idea!  Await opening with interest.
    PS Hope the name “SOS” isn’t a warning?  :=))
    PPS  How do you “sell” and we “buy” a freebie?
    PPPS  The very best of good fortune with the new venture.

  • Someguy

    Sounds great!

  • David Roper

    [@Sheldon Cooper] I think of “payware” as just plain good old box store software like sold at Staples and Office Depot for $9.99. Maybe old versions of software that is proven to work. The new version works on MS Surface tablets and old version does not, i.e. only up to WIN 7. That’s wonderful to me.

    Sometimes Shareware and Beta versions mean the same thing. I do not want that.

    I want last year’s Hallmark Card Maker version 11 if this year’s version is 12 or 13. I will pay $10 for it this year if last year’s version 11 sold for $29.95 in KMart.

    Exciting to think we are going to have a store to shop at, er, at which to shop.

  • Enrique Manalang


  • Ashraf

    [@Sheldon Cooper] Isn’t payware the same thing as shareware? So, yes, and thanks for the suggestion — I’ll contact those two developers

  • David Roper

    I have my VISA card in hand.

  • anonymail

    Sounds Good to me!

  • Sheldon Cooper

    How about heavily discounted payware?! My first suggestions are Total Recorder Pro from High Criteria

    and Total Uninstall from Martau:

  • Ashraf

    [@etim] Only time will tell. It is hard negotiating with developers =O

  • etim

    Cool. I’m hoping this will be a better, less crap filled progression of GOTD.
    That’s where I discovered dottech several years ago–but I haven’t found any of their junk trustworthy or useful enough to try in ages.