After you die, Elysium Space will send your ashes to space for just $1,990

elysium space

We’re all going to die because it’s something we are unable to escape from, unless humans figured out how to become immortal. However, since we have no choice but to face this monster lurking in the shadows just waiting to pounce unexpectedly, we could very well arrange for a piece of our body parts to perform some extreme stunts in space. No kidding you guys, we are being serious here, this is possible in 2013 for the average man.

Here’s the thing, a company called Elysium Space is offering folks to launch a portion of their cremated body into space to roam around the Earth for a few months before crashing into the atmosphere where it would burn out into nothingness. Now, here’s where things get a little creepy, but still awesome nonetheless. Your family and friends would have the option to track your ashes as it orbits around the planet with an iPhone app, come on, admit that’s awesome.

You might be wondering how much this service would cost, well, it’s not expensive at all. To get your ashes into orbit, Elysium Space charges just $1,990, which I far more affordable than sending a living being into space. If you have always wanted to go beyond the clouds but is unable to afford it, then you can go there when you’re dead. You may not enjoy it, but hopefully your family and friends will with that iPhone app tracking your every movement.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Elysium Space isn’t the only company offering space burials, however, it is the cheapest so take that into consideration. In addition, you can sign up right now at Elysium’s website to have your ashes roaming around in orbit like nobody’s business.

[via Gawker, image via Elysium Space]

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