13-foot dead dragon washes ashore on Spanish beach [Image]


That above creature washed onto the beach in Spain, earlier this week. The kicker? Scientists have so far been unable to identify what type of creature this is, so it very well could be a real (dead) dragon.

[via Geekologie]

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  • poodog17

    it’s already been proven that the large sucker marks on whales are scars they received in earlier years of their life that stretched as they grew.

  • Arch “Solid” Steele

    Are there any more pictures of the creature? These angles are really poorly framed.

  • Arch “Solid” Steele

    It’s too thick and round to be an oarfish. It also seems to have a fan of bones at the end of its tail. Plus, even though the angle is terrible, it does look like the head is attached to the body and not just next to it.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Consider, also, that appearance changes drastically when decomposition sets in, so this could be a known creature rendered unrecognizable.

  • citizenearth

    Prehistoric creature that is still alive today? There are many mysteries which are still unsolved (think Bigfoot, Lochness, ….etc.).

  • J.L.

    I’m betting washed-up oarfish next uncovered (if no tampering) cattle head.

  • KMHamm

    I wondered what had happened to my ex wife!

  • Henfracar

    Add some male species with stomachs the size of nine months pregnant females. LOL

  • We are still constantly finding new forms of life, especially deep water life, in the ocean. Some scientists theorize that huge deep ocean squid have rarely come to the surface and are the cause of the Kraken legend. Amazingly, no squid have ever been caught with suckers more than about 4 inches wide, but sperm whales have been caught with sucker scars about 18 inches wide. (Squid are one of the sperm whales known prey.)

    Reports of sea serpents are often believed to be a type of flatfish that grows to 30-40 feet in length, very snakelike. Another deep ocean creature rarely seen on top, usually only during severe storms. It’s possible this is an unknown species and, from the shape, another potential source of the sea serpent myths. Stranger things have been proven to exist (platypus for example).

  • RealBull

    WTF is that? Some kind of genetic experiment???