At 4 ft 4 in (132 cm), this is the world’s largest afro [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Verified by Guinness, Aevin Dugas, a 37 year old social worker from Napoleanville, Louisiana, has the world’s largest afro.

[via Facebook]

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  • kevbo

    Wherever she is, I wish I was with her. That is some beautiful hair. As a white boy with now almost no hair, in my younger days I had always wished I could grow a ‘fro like that.

  • etim

    [@RogueBase] Google is my friend? I can’t even agree with that–anymore.

  • thegreenwizard


    She maybe living in New Orleans, but the picture is from France. The car pub is in French and it look the the EU licenses plates said F on the blue line, GB for England and D for Germany, etc.

  • etim

    [@RogueBase] Those ain’t Louisiana plates on the cars. And even in N.O., they don’t advertise in French on their vans.

  • RogueBase


    Nope she’s in New Orleans, Louisiana & last I heard that was in the US. Google is your friend.

  • thegreenwizard

    Yes, she is in France.

  • etim

    It looks like she’s in Europe. I’ll bet going through TSA is fun!