Chromecast app that allows streaming of offline content is removed from Google Play Store


Chromecast is a computer-smartphone-tablet-to-TV streaming dongle that costs just $35 and works with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Sad news for those who bought a Google Chromecast device with the intention of streaming their own local/offline content on their television screen. The search giant went ahead and block an app that allows Chromecast users to stream local/offline content, proving that Google probably has no intention for third party developers to supply the functionality. The app in question is Allcast, an Android application for streaming personal/local/offline media from your Android device to your TV.

At the moment, Google Chromecast only supports streaming online content. However, it was expected that developers would find a workaround to allow users to stream local/offline content use the Chromecast. This did happen but, as you can see, Google isn’t happy about it and has blocked Allcast.

“The policy seems to be a heavy handed approach, where only approved content will be played through the device,” says Allcast developer, Koushik Dutta “The Chromecast will probably not be indie developer friendly.”

With Allcast gone, we expect others to take its place very soon as folks seek out to do more with their $35 Google Chromecast device. But developers may have to release their work outside of the Google Play Store in order to bypass the company’s rules and regulations.

Hopefully in the near future, Google allows for streaming local content or Chromecast may never live up to its full potential.

[via Koushik Dutta Google+, image via Wikipedia]

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  1. David Roper

    [@Tom] Tom, I hate to correct you but this is NOT short-sighted at all. It shows the Blindness of Google. It’s like children are running the joint. Particularly my beef with them is that [ they continue not to allow BCC ] when sharing documents and such on gDrive. If I want to share stuff, everybody I share it with had better be the best of friends. And they are not, so I don’t use it much.

    This Chromecast device was peaking my interest as well, but it seems I can go back to being peakless now, (grabs wallet for a quick check)

  2. Tom

    I was considering getting a Chromecast for my own stuff, but no more, What are they thinking?

    I travel a fair bit, and looked forward to streaming video from my phone to the hotel tv…

    This is really short-sighted in G’s behalf.

  3. kevbo

    [@Seamus McSeamus] [@Ashraf] As I understand it, an automatic update blocks the app and there’s no way to avoid the automatic update. However, Google has said it will probably enable apps for local content streaming once the SDK is more fully developed. We’ll see. Glad I have not yet bought one.

  4. Mr.Dave

    Why would Google want me to re-download something every time I want to watch it?
    Why would Google want me to give up altogether on watching any of their videos or other content? The only way I can see stutter-free video is to download it first and then watch it.
    I agree with the others, if Chromecast can’t play videos streamed from my PC, I have no possible use for it (I’m taking a leap here, that if it can’t stream local content from an Android, etc., it won’t do it from a PC either, am I wrong?)