Using your laptop to roll marijuana joints is a bad idea [Humor]


What bothers me most about this story is the lady paid $755 to get a broken laptop fixed, when she probably could have bought a better laptop for the same money or less. Does that make me a sad geek?

[via Reddit]

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  • JMJ

    Hmmm? I don’t know: $750 isn’t outrageous if it was sent back to the manufacturer. They routinely charge $350 – 400+ just to replace a motherboard… without the processor. If the processor also needs replacement (as is likely with the liquid-damage) then, there you go! Don’t forget, the third-party shop tacked on a buck-or-two for itself. Besides, we don’t know how much the computer originally cost . It may have been a custom or gaming rig, like Briley’s. ;-)

  • etim

    Big mistake. He didn’t charge enough.

  • JonE

    I don’t know any mother that would respond well to being informed that their son is smoking weed.

    I was waiting for the part of the story where the tech informed her that buying a new machine would be the way to go, but it never happened. But, then I suppose the tech had enough experience with the people in this area that they had enough disposable income and that in many cases they just spend it to say they spent it.