College no longer means freedom from parents [Comic]


Luckily, my parents don’t know how to text. Just kidding. They can text one word per minute.

[via Joy of Tech]

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  • JT

    I too received many descriptions from pilots or their crew chiefs for the same reasons. Sometimes I wondered if they were that stupid, or just really didn’t want to fly that day, and looked really hard for a reason not to, then had no intelligent reasons other than to say it doesn’t work in the O-F-F position. Either way it’s still a stupidity/laziness issue. smh

  • JonE

    Poor little boy!

    Someone needs to remind him that the device has an “OFF” button.

    That reminds me of my own “Tech” story. You’d think Pilots would be one of the more intelligent life forms on the planet, especially fighter pilots; they are trained to think through things.

    However, I received countless writeups, over the years, that stated, “(such and such a device) INOP in “OFF” Mode”. Go figure.