Free 1 year license of IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro now available – 24 hours only!

2009-11-25_004250Recall how I posted about IObit running a 24-hour only promo randomly between November 20 – November 27 giving out free 1 year licenses of Advanced SystemCare Pro? Well that promo has just started so get it fast!

To get the free 1 year licenses of IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro follow these simple directions:



  • Check the inbox of the e-mail you entered. Look for an e-mail from “IObit Support <>” with subject of “Advanced SystemCare PRO License Code”. In the e-mail you will find a download link, your account name, and license code:


Keep this e-mail open because you will need to copy + paste the account name and license code soon.

  • Download (click here) and install Advanced SystemCare Pro. Take note during installation options to add IObit to favorites and to install IObit’s toolbar are checked by default:



Uncheck them if you don’t want them (most people don’t want them because they are junk – I don’t want them).

  • After installation, “upgrade” the Free version to Pro by entering the account name and license code you got in the e-mail:





There will be a short four step wizard to follow after you click “OK” to setup the new features you unlocked by “upgrading” to Pro.

Update: If you are having trouble successfully upgrading to the Pro version, try these two tricks:

  • Disconnect your network connection temporarily, and try to activate Pro again. After successful activation, you can enable your network connection again.
  • Try disabling your live protection anti-virus/anti-spyware/firewall. You may re-enable it after successful activation.

Thank you everyone who has posted solutions below to try to help everyone out!

  • Enjoy!

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  • calebstein

    I had to uninstall it because whenever it was running, it disabled aero animations (minimize, open, close) but didn’t disable aero.

  • Steelers6

    Yep, it appears to be over, the site says they were running out so now it is $9.99.


  • mark c

    @Johnson: Don’t hit “REFRESH” like i did as it will revert to a one-year license only!

  • Mike

    @Skye-hook: I just checked and all the various links seem to be working right now.

  • Giovanni

    Hey Ashraf!

    I think we’d better warn everybody that this software installs a dangerous toolbar called “IOBIT TOOLBAR” on users’ browser!!

    IOBIT TOOLBAR is actually a “conduit toolbar” classed as malware by most antispyware out there because it changes your default search page, buttons, toolbars and/or add ons!! (9/10)Nuisance Score Red bad
    Exploit-ObscuredHtml trojan

    “C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare 3\AWC.exe” /startup (9/10)Nuisance Score Red bad
    URL of the download: htxxtp://

    awcsetup.exe installed the following programs on our PC: Exploit-ObscuredHtml trojan

  • Skye-hook

    @Mike: That url hasn’t got the offer anymore either, neither did the current 1 when I tried many times about an hour ago til now. I just get a $ discount offer for it. Thanks, though. :)

  • Skye-hook

    Didn’t read all the replys yet, but..

    Already the promo page is not offering it free anymore. That’s 24 hrs?? I wanted it so bad & waited & waited for the promo. Big Waaaaaaa!

  • Joe

    To those having problems to activate the license:

    Before trying to upgrade, stop all ASC scanning by clicking the “close” button, but don’t close the ASC application itself.

    I think the problem is that as soon as you click the “finish” button at the end of installation, ASC starts scanning your computer immediately. This appears to interfere with the activation process.

  • Mike

    @Johnson: Good for you! I was wondering if a perpetual license might result from the off-line registering that you all were trying. Cool! (And a nice “reward” for the frustration …)

  • MK

    This has been a really tough haul. I spent a whole day installing, reinstalling, and uninstalling (with Revo). I even used two different email addresses and received two different licenses–both didn’t work.

    Less than an hour ago, it finally worked. And, the worst part is that I can’t even tell you what my secret was–because it’s so secret even I don’t know it.

    I didn’t disable my firewall or anti-virus program, like others suggested. I shut down completely several times and restarted too many times to recall. I didn’t see some of the later comments until now. And, IObit never replied to my email. Hope their tech support is better than this.

    When these guys give you something for free, boy do they make you pay for it…

    A happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


  • marc

    data base crooks…………made in china

  • Bella

    Happy Thanksggiving, To You and Yours Ashraf!!!

    I tried 2 different e-mails for the free ASPRO , to no advail…It said I needed to purchase a new license…
    Please help me..I had the PRO earlier,but I had to get my cp reprogramed and need it back badly.PLEASE….Bella:)

  • Trick #1 works ;-)
    Thanks as always Ashraf !!

  • Les Hawkins

    Tried 3 times to register. Deleted the first two downloads using Revo Uninstaller. Still won’t register, will give it a miss. Thanks

  • Al Hall

    I tried the on/off/on trick to no avail. Then I tried locking the firewall and unlocking it and the activation succeeded.

    Thanks Ashraf!

  • Johnson


    Just had a look at Raymond’s instructions for perpetual use. When he mentioned installing and entering license code while disconnected from the internet, I realized that many of us were doing the last half of that already. So I checked my registration under License Manager: (Tried to paste the screen print – didn’t work!)

    Installed License
    License Status Validation Required
    License Code Same as originally entered
    Expired Date N/A N/A days left

    It appears that inadvertently we done did got ourselves permanent licenses. Just because they made it difficult to activate. Without having to uninstall/reinstall anything.

  • townie2

    i recommend anyone having trouble, use Mike’s method. worked for me. thanks Mike.

  • Mike T.

    Got the license code very quickly but this sucker won’t activate no matter what and I’ve tried every suggestion listed here … at this point, I’ll just stick with the free version because this just isn’t worth the hassle.

  • Someguy

    This thing is probably a scam as i recently reinstalled Windows yet I have close to 10k of security errors. Add mad face here!!!

  • alain

    thanks for the find , with this software wich i will install on all my family’s computers , i hope i will have more time to drink “apero” while ASC do the job for me ;-) when i’m invited for diner …

  • Johnson

    Try disarming your anti-virus and firewall.

    Discovered this anomaly the other day when some other software refused to activate. Never did figure out why, but it worked then and worked now.

    I got the same messages others got and tried disconnecting my ethernet cable and then re-tried activating w/o success. Killed the AV & FW – bingo – activated. (Still disconnected by the way.)

    I generally don’t argue with success, even if I can’t explain it. Just get frustrated trying to figure it out.

  • Mike

    Here’s the link and instructions to get a perpetual license to the software.

    Note: Windows’ uninstaller worked just fine to uninstall the software, per the instructions, and the process also left auto-update on for me.

    In the end, a simple process to get a non-expiring license for the software. Happy Thanksgiving (for those in the States)!

  • Aesar

    Ah, yes. Thanks ruudster101. One must first disconnect from the internet, activate while disconnected (not very intuitive), then reconnect. Thanks for the help by all!

  • mark c

    thanks to ruudster101

    UPDATE: this worked for me:
    “4. If you still can not successfully register the product, here’s a fix: disconnect your network connection temporarily, and re-enter your license to activate PRO. After successful activation, you can enable your network connection again.”

  • Mike

    Note that when the “be on the alert” info. was posted at dottech earlier, someone nicely had posted in the Comments a simple back-door registration process which results in a perpetual license. It works–you may want to check it out.

  • ruudster101

    Hi people.To everyone who has trouble with activating the ASC PRO lisence…take a look at this link…
    It did the job for me…now i was able to activate…though i must apply the #4 at the bottom…
    Never heard of such a complicated way…
    Hope this will help u guys.

  • Wheezer

    @ Ashraf:

    Oops, the line “And yes, that you Ashraf for posting that the promotion had started” in my last post was supposed to say: And yes, -thank- you Ashraf for posting that the promotion had started.

    Sometimes these fingers do what they want when typing…

  • mark c

    failed to upgrade to PRO version; waiting on response from IOBIT,
    frustration factor with these freebies increasing…

  • ptldom

    :) Done :)

  • Ashraf

    What is up with everyone not being able to activate? I activated just fine!

    Maybe if everyone sends an e-mail to IObit support they can help out.

  • townie2

    no joy. same as everyone else. got e-mail, copied and pasted, got the “cannot be activated, buy new license” message, twice, as i tried with both my e-mail accounts, and two different licenses. also tried disconnecting internet, and no reply from their support. very disappointed, and does not speak well for their product.

  • Aesar

    I also tried the tricks exactly as jerrycw with the same results. How disappointing!

  • jerrycw

    I’ve tried RoxAnne’s trick, too, but still get the error messages when I try to license it. (I used “network connections” to disable my Internet connection, and then enabled it. I presume that’s the fix that RoxAnne is suggesting.)

    I’ve even tried two different sets of codes that were sent to two different email systems/email addresses, but both sets result in error messages when I try to license it.

    Any other ideas?


  • Doru

    enter numbers that you see and don’t click on refresh because it will change the numbers

  • Wheezer

    @RoxAnne: That did it! It’s working as expected.

    Thank you RoxAnne for posting that!

    And yes, that you Ashraf for posting that the promotion had started. I’d forgot that it was coming. Why did I forget it? See my signature line… :-)

  • Shueygal

    I was having trouble getting info to validate, and I too disconnected from internet, and tried again, and voila, it works. Thanks Ashraf, you are the greatest.
    Thanks everyone else for their input, it was greatly appreciated.

  • Wheezer

    Well, my email arrived. But when I go to use the info given in the email I get a message that pops up saying “The license cannot be activated. Please purchase a new license for Advanced SystemCare Pro.”

    I’ll try the trick listed above and disconnect from the internet and then enter the license info.

  • ruudster101

    Same error here as MK!#17
    Did copy and paste…
    Requested another key with another email adres…same thing allover
    So now i have 2 keys that dont work…

  • RoxAnne

    If your having trouble with the program accepting your code, disconnect from the internet, re-enter the code information and submit again , it should register your license. It worked for me!

  • stephen

    Got the code email, but getting the cannot activate message. I copy & pasted.

  • Juan

    Same error here as MK!

  • MK

    Proceeded as directed, but the result I got was:
    Registration Error: The license cannot be activated. Please purchase a new license for Advanced SystemCare Pro. I sent an email to IObit, but no response yet. Suggestions?

    I really appreciate the great stuff you churn out…


  • Juan

    Thanks Wheezer. I was so excited about this but I was bummed when I didn’t get the code. I haven’t got the email yet but I can wait.

  • drtank

    THANKS !!!
    i got my code.
    can anyone suggest about what should i use IObit SECURITY with KIS or A-squared antimalware with KIS or Malwarebytes with KIS or KIS alone.I’m a bit confused.
    Thanks in advance…

  • Wheezer

    @Donna Dawson: Did you try using Copy & Paste to put the info in? Sometimes that makes a difference, for some unknown reason.

    @Juan: I’m still waiting too, altho not as long as you have been waiting. My guess is that they’re being hit with a lot of traffic and they must be having some kind of issue because of how the promotion page didn’t work for a while this morning. It sounds like the license info will work all day today, at least. So if it takes a little while to get the email we should still be ok… I hope. :-)

  • Donna Dawson

    Did not work for me. I keep getting an invalid response when I type in the validation numbers. But thanks so much Ashraf anyway and have a Happy Holiday season.
    I changed to an alternate email and it worked!

  • Juan

    This doesn’t work. My two brothers and I requested a license each but the license won’t arrive. We have different email addresses from different sites. We have waited for almost an hour and nothing.

  • Wheezer

    Thanks for posting sos4ever. I tried the link again and now it works. I filled out the form and am waiting for the email to arrive.

  • sos4ever

    It wasn’t working but now it is. Thanks Ashraf ;-)

  • Wheezer

    Did the promotion end already? I can’t get the page to load when I click the link to get to the promotion page to fill out the form.

    I tried it in Firefox and IE with the same result.

    Anybody else running into the same thing?

  • John

    Dose not work

  • Anemailname

    Very nice program Ashraf! Thanks for the heads up!
    Cleaned stuff I didn’t know I had! LOL

  • Sandeep

    Hi Ashraf,

    Thanks a lot for letting us know about the start of this offer.

    I would like to let all the users know that they can have 5 free license code per IP address.


  • yourpalal


    Hi mjrdoc.

    Unless someone says otherwise, I would assume that because this is good for 1 year from today to download & install, & for today only, that it would be safe to uninstall (use REVO) your old one 1st, because this offer is not to extend any other PRO versions.

    Then download & install the free program, & then follow the instructions Ashraf has made. I had the free version & the conversion to PRO worked perfectly & easily for me.

    [Thanks again to Ashraf].

    Please have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving.


  • yourpalal

    Good day Ashraf & all.

    Thanks Ashraf for the info & the detailed instructions for this, as you do so selflessly all year long for other programs & software.

    I’m grateful for all your help & recommendations throughout the year, as well as the freebies & forums.

    As is evidenced by countless others who visit here, I am not alone in my appreciation.

    Please have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving.


  • mjrdoc

    What if you are extending a previously licensed product? (Mine expires Dec 17).

    Do I need to un-install the previous version because the account names are different?


  • jumbi

    Quick response :-)

  • ebell