First McDonald’s had Happy Meals, now it’s adding Happy Tables


This is pretty neat. Since McDonald’s has long established that kids (and I) absolutely love Happy Meals, the company is now introducing a little experiment called the Happy Table. All you need to do is plop down an NFC-capable smartphone on one of these tables, and it turns into an interactive race track game that kids will love messing around with.

Turning any table into a Happy Table is fairly simple, since all it really requires are NFC stickers to be laid out underneath the surface. Then all kids will need is access to a smartphone and the free app to get their racing on. The former, however, might be a little trickier to acquire since not parent might love the idea of a kid using their expensive smartphone as a race car on fast food tables.

The tables are now being rolled out across branches in Asia, as a fun and inexpensive little upgrade that kids will surely appreciate. And admit it, you’ll try it at least once too.

[via Gizmodo]

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