SMS Racing game shows just how hard it is to drive properly while texting


SMS Racing was put together by game designer Holden Link in just two days. But because of the premise of the game, that short development time and fairly primitive-looking visuals don’t detract from the clear overall message: Texting while driving is hard. And you will probably crash.

The game is a pretty normal racing game, with the only difference being that every once in awhile, you receive text messages that you need to respond to in less than 10 seconds. The problem here is that when you’re responding to messages, you take your eyes off the road completely — much like in real life. Unless, of course, you’ve figured out a way to keep one eyeball on your phone and another on the road.

Doug Aamoth of Time Tech probably puts it best when he says, “It’s not a game that should be played in real life.” You can play SMS Racing for free by downloading it or playing in your web browser from here.

[via Time]

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