Anyone ever accidentally email your whole company? [Humor]


I’m sure this happens often at companies.

[via howardjones]

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  • David Roper

    In a similar vein, Google Docs still doesn’t allow me to send docs to 20 people as BCC. I don’t necessarily want to disclose to all who my foodie/recipe friends are.

    and one more thing:
    I believe BCC should be the send an email default choice, over TO:, when sending emails. Iknow that isn’t going to happen, but it WOULD if I were the “King”.

    I recently saw a stock holder send out a rebuttal (replay all) against a proposed corporate change because the idiot sending out the proposal did not use BCC, but TO: and everybody’s email address was displayed.

  • Mike

    I used to work with a chap who would send out “Reply to all” messages, to many hundreds of employees, routinely, with such wisdoms as “Me, too” or “I can’t make it.” He saw it as a means of self-promotion–to his dis-redit, most others saw it as him acting like a fool and wasting everyone else’s time. He never quite got it.

  • I once hit reply on a corporate announcement, thinking it had been sent to all floor reps like usual. Instead it was a corporate wide announcement and I failed to notice that. Everyone in the company, from the top down, got my alert about a breaking issue we would be getting calls on and where to find the solution.

    Honest mistake, but they were not happy. I didn’t get reprimanded, since it was intended to be helpful, but they sent out another announcement not long after that asking people to refrain from hitting “reply all.”

  • kevbo

    This would be a good serial post subject.

    One company I work for recently started a campaign to try and get all contractors to sign up for direct deposit. (I’m sure you know where this goes from here.) One contractor filled out the DD form with all her personal info, including bank account and bank routing numbers, and sent it to all 200 or so contracted employees in the company.

    Poor thing.