Japanese engineer spends 11 years creating giant 17-ton robotic bug


Sure, Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile business and Google named their operating system after a chocolate bar but this is still the biggest thing I’ve seen all week. Literally.

Hitoshi Takahashi is a Japanese engineer (who should be around 65 years old right now), and he decided he would spend 11 years creating a massive diesel-powered bug robot. He began work on the “Kabutom RX-01” back in 1998, which was a fairly primitive version of what he could ultimately create. In 2009, he completed work on the Kabutom RX-03, the ridiculously awesome robot that you see in these pictures. According to Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku, it can walk on all six legs and even carry six adult passengers!

Don’t ever change, Japan.






[via Kotaku]

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