Sony launches Video Unlimited, a 4K video download service

Sony 4k player

Sony is pushing forward with its plan to get consumers on the 4K gravy train. Recently, the Japanese company launched the very first 4K download services that currently has around 70 titles available. This is great news because while there are many 4K TVs out there, it’s still pretty difficult to find content.

The company calls this new service, Video Unlimited, and at the moment, only 70 films are available for download or renting. Previously, Sony promised its Video Unlimited 4K store would be up and running before the end of Summer, which as you can tell, has definitely happened without delays.

So, how much will Sony charge for content? OK, so movies cost $29.99 for full ownership, and $7.99 for rental. In addition, TV episodes will set you back a cool $3.99 each for a full purchase, though there is no option for rental.

Honestly, that’s not very expensive for contents that are of the 4K variety. However, the big problem we have with this service, is not knowing the size of contents. We expect folks who are on a data cap to think twice before even attempting to download something in 4K, that’s unless Sony found a way to aggressively compress files without any significant loss in quality.

To take advantage of Video Unlimited 4K, you’ll need to have a one of Sony’s 4K Ultra HD Media Player, which will set you back around $700. If you’re interested, you can visit Amazon and swipe the Sony FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media Player.

[via PR Newswire]

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