RoboCop 2014 trailer is here… and it is very disappointing [Video]


We’ve long known of the RoboCop movie reboot, and finally there’s an official trailer giving us a glimpse of what to expect.

First thing you’ll notice is how much better the cast is compared to the original 90s film. Furthermore, the voice of RoboCop is quite similar between the two, which is a nice little touch for those who enjoy complaining about the little details.

When it comes to the suit, there aren’t many changes, however, one of RoboCop’s wrist is pure flesh and bone. This is likely to allow him to interact with humans a lot better as it would feel weird for some important guy in an expensive suit shaking a metal hand.

Now, with the basic stuff intact, one would believe this trailer is a runaway success. That’s not the case really in our opinion, for the whole thing left us wondering what the hell is going on and what is the general idea behind almost every scene shown. At one point all I could hear was the word “system,” and how much Mr. RoboCop human emotions are allowing him to override it.

In addition, the trailer failed to introduce the villain, you know, that one powerful person who despises the new cop in town.

Check out the RoboCop 2014 trailer before:

Make no mistake, this is not a hate on the movie itself, this is a hate on the trailer and how much we want more than what they gave us. I’m not impressed one bit, so they better come with all guns blazing with the second trailer or be gone to the bottomless pit of Vamien hate.

[image via RoboCop Wiki]

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