Nestle creates awesome KitKat 4.4 ads, in celebration of Android KitKat [Image]



[via MakeUseOf, Nestle]

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  • Ashraf

    [@WildCat] No. JK, thanks fixed.

  • WildCat

    [@Ashraf] Nestle creates awesome KitKit 4.4 ads, in celebration of Android KitKit …. Ummm, isn’t that supposed to be KitKAT there boss?

  • Ashraf

    [@Enrique Manalang] LMAO, I had no idea. I was just amused by these ads, featuring KitKat as if it was a mobile device.

  • Enrique Manalang

    [@Ashraf] The ads are a parody of Apple ads. From the video I posted a couple of days ago to the styling and words of the product pages.

    A few months ago, Apple began a new campaign called “Why you’ll love iPhone” or “Why it’s easy to love iPhone.” One quick look at one of their product pages and you’ll see what I mean :)

  • Ashraf

    [@Enrique Manalang] I don’t get it o_O

  • Enrique Manalang

    You like these ads? That means you like Apple ads too :p