How TV networks can make a lot of money [Comic]


Although this is a comic and intended to be a joke, in my opinion this would be a huge money maker for TV networks.

[via Dorkly]

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  • etim

    The real pisser is that all the stations broadcast their best shows at the same time.
    Thank god for the net–so I can watch ’em all through the week.

  • Coyote

    Netflix is already on this, every series is released in it’s entirety on day 1. Just getting the networks to give up their near century idea of “sweeps-week” is the hard part. And really how they can justify sweep, hiatus breaks for sports and such when DVR’s have been around for over a decade is baffling. But I guess it’s just another example of big business not wanting to change or advance into territory that takes control from them and their time tables and instead gives the customer more freedoms.

    But then I guess it also cuts their advertising as they can’t sell 6 months worth of commercials if the whole thing is released at once.