Future taxis in Tokyo will alert you when you accidentally leave something behind


Japanese taxi company Kokusai Motors is planning to implement a new system that will alert passengers when they forget their belongings in cabs, a problem I’m sure we’ve all heard about multiple times. According to The Wall Street Journal, the system will use four cameras that will capture and compare images before and after the passenger’s trip, then sound an alarm if they forget to take something out of the vehicle.

The report also mentions that in 2012 alone, there were over 210,000 forgotten items reported to Tokyo police, 60 percent of which were mobile phones. I’d say with those kinds of numbers and the amount of times I’ve heard the phrase “I lost my blank, I left it in the cab,” this is a system I wouldn’t mind being implemented everywhere.

Oh and as a bonus, here’s a photo of a very happy “human taxi” in Japan:


[via WSJ, The Verge, image via Alfonso JimenezGustavo Veríssimo]

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