Leaked video shows off Xbox One in the wild, will also probably get someone at Microsoft fired [Video]


Someone at Microsoft is in very big trouble. A video showing off the Xbox One and its dashboard features surfaced online today then removed shortly after. Thankfully, a clever YouTube user downloaded and re-uploaded it “just in case.”

The unit in the video is clearly a prototype or a unit distributed for beta testing purposes. A beta test, which most likely includes a very strict non-disclosure agreement. The original uploader, however, doesn’t seem like a Microsoft employee with a death wish and is most likely somebody related to them. Some people have speculated that this was an intentional leak, but I doubt an intentional leak would contain things like “it’s buggy,” “it doesn’t work sometimes,” and “Bing is garbage.”

As for the dashboard itself, it looks to be even more similar to the Windows 8 interface than I thought and being able to minimize the game like that shows where the 8GB of memory is going to work. Hopefully the placement of all those items will be customizable just like its desktop brother.

[via The Verge]

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