Third-party apps won’t have access to iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner


So, Apple’s long-waited iPhone 5s is here. With new exciting features, it certainly is the best iPhone Apple has ever made, but above all things, what makes the iPhone 5s most different than its predecessors is that the fingerprint scanner built into its home button. Now, you may think that third-party developers will automatically have access to it just because it is there. Well, guess what? Just like Siri, developers don’t have access to the code yet — and it doesn’t look like they will ever, unless Apple makes a policy change.

In other words, apps from the App Store will not be able to make use of the fingerprint scanner’s capabilities.

The fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s lets you unlock the phone and verify purchases made from iTunes. So far, it is limited to those two functions and we don’t know if Apple plans on adding more features over time or if third party developers will ever access to the code eventually.

What would you do with this so-called stunning technology if you were a developer? Could this be used to do other things? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

[via Phonearena and Image via Tech Crunch]

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