• Seamus McSeamus

    I worked on a neighbor’s computer once because she said it was randomly shutting down, and taking longer and longer before it would boot up again.

    I opened up the tower and immediately solved her problem by pulling out enough cat hair to knit a sweater for a small child. Turned out, the lady had 2 cats, and they both loved lounging on top of the computer.

  • CJ Cotter

    So……you wanna see filthy & dirty?

    Look inside the computer tower of a habitual smoker. The one I saw was covered in a thick, light brown goo! The entire motherboard, the hard drives, the RAM cards, everything……all coated.

  • Mags

    I’ve seen 1 very similar, but a desktop. The person wanted to know why the USB wasn’t working when they plugged in a Flash drive. Unfortunately the USB port was so full of “gunk” that it couldn’t read the Flash drive.