Trying to get to by… searching on Google [Humor]


Sadly enough, I know many people do the same thing — they prefer searching for a website using Google (and/or Bing or Yahoo — whatever their browser bar is set to use) instead of typing the URL directly in to the address bar. However, all these people are middle age or higher, people who haven’t been around computers their whole lives. I’m not sure what is up with the woman in this story, who apparently has been using computers most of her life.

[via Runcade]

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  • In tech support, I’d say one out of every ten calls where I told someone to type in the address bar met with “What’s That?” Most of them were elderly though, then again so am I. =)

  • Machar

    This is a common myth that people who were born into the era of computers, and therefore have presumably been using them all their life, should know and understand their use. The corollary of this, also a myth, is that those of us who were born long before computers came into everyday use are somehow innately incompetent or lacking in some way as far as computer use is concerned. The truth is that some people, regardless of age, are crap at understanding the low level logic required to grasp the fundamentals.

    In other words, nurture is not 100% of the equation in computer use any more than it is in any other area, and nature, i.e. genetics also plays a part. If that’s too tricky a concept for certain ageist numpties to come to terms with then I suggest they revisit their first year scientific principles. If they ever got that far in their education of course.